November 28, 2020

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Ask Me Anything on Stem Cells: Join me on Monday for Reddit AMA

Reddit AMA from its Journal Science
Reddit AMA from its Journal Science.

For stem cell educational outreach I did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” or Reddit AMA about 5-6 months ago on stem cells and the response was great.

There were so many wonderful questions and comments. I only wished I could have gotten to all of them. In total there were more than 1,100 comments. Yeah, people are really excited and interested in stem cells.

In that spirit of answer more questions, I talked with Reddit and we have a Stem Cell AMA 2.0 coming up this Monday, August 11. Of course a lot has happened in the stem cell field in the last 6 months as well.

I hope you’ll join us there for a great Reddit AMA discussion and, per the name, ask me anything on stem cells.

Update: You can go to the link I included on Monday morning and you can start posting questions in the morning EDT. I’m planning to start answering questions and discussing things with people no later than 1PM EDT/10AM PDT.


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