ACT reinventing itself with new name Ocata Therapeutics

advanced cell technology

Here is a link to the Ocata website, marking the start of a new era for what was formerly Advanced Cell Technology or ACT.

It’s been a big summer for stem cell biotech Advanced Cell Technology (ACT; stock ACTCD) as it continues what I would call a process of reinventing itself.

What’s been happening?

ACT recently did a notable 100:1 reverse split on its stock, opening it up to a whole new group of investors.

The company has also settled some previously lingering litigation and gotten new some new IP.

The latest development is a move to change the company’s name to Ocata Therapeutics. I asked Bob Lanza about the name changed and he told me that “Ocata is a native American (Huron) word for ‘medicine man’.”

Cool name.

I’m guessing we’ll be saying goodbye to the old logo (above) and I’ll be very curious to see the new one.

Investors following the stock expect some major additional developments in coming days/weeks, which could include a major new paper on the ACT clinical trials for macular degeneration.

It’s an exciting time for the company.

By way of disclosure, I have a relatively recently acquired small amount of stock (in it for the long haul) in the company. This blog is not intended as financial advice.

6 thoughts on “ACT reinventing itself with new name Ocata Therapeutics”

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  2. With the derivation of the name, Native Indian Huron tribe word for medicine man, I absolutely love it. One only need to learn more about Bob Lanza and his interest in the universe, i.e., Biocentrism, from his web site. I was attracted to ACTC because of Bob Lanza’s shared interests with mine. I have an 80+-year-old friend who sat under the tutelage of an Indian Shaman as a young boy on the James River in Virginia. When I became a grandmother five years ago I asked him to help me find an Indian name (I did not want to be called grandma). He called me early one morning with an Indian name Keke meaning Beloved Mother and I LOVE it. We could learn a lot from our Indian ancestors. I am thrilled with the connotation of the new name OCATA Therapeutics. Thanks for sharing this on your blog Paul.

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  4. Paul,

    Glad that you bought some shares, now you won’t have to listen to me say, “I Told You So” when Ocata goes big.

  5. I have to be honest I was disappointed with the name change at first. Advanced Cell Technology is very cool…

    However now knowing the meaning for Ocata I am softening up. Thanks for confirming this with Dr. Lanza Paul!

    I wish the company would provide some additional information to shareholders to avoid the over-reaction to news such as the name change and the AS increase request. Specifically, provide the reasoning of the name change and what they intend to do with then new shares when they release this information.

    Glad to hear you are a shareholder again Paul!

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