Weekend Reads from a Wild, Fun Week of Science

Alice Dreger's book Galileo's Middle Finger is a recommended read.
Alice Dreger’s book Galileo’s Middle Finger is a recommended read.

You might enjoy the recommended reads below and find they surprise and educate you.

Products in the pipeline – Ocata’s RPE by Alexey, a nice update on Ocata.

Yes, we are seeing more attacks on academic freedom: guest post by historian of science and medicine.  Guest piece by Alice Dreger on her new book, Galileo’s Middle Finger.

Scientists Call For Moratorium On Human Genetic Experiments. Another piece on the hot topic of the week, Human genetic modification, this nice one by Dan Vergano over at BuzzFeed Science.

How the Penguin Got Its Waddle. By Ed Yong over at the New Yorker.

DrugMonkey expounds on the question: Should PI or trainee submit the manuscript?

31 Things You Should Definitely Know About Pee by Zahra Barnes on BuzzFeed Science

Stem cell podcast on stressed out cells with Dr. Rhonda Newman.

A naturopathic “apostate” confirms that naturopathy is a pseudoscientific belief system. Orac is not a fan of naturopathy and neither is surprising guest poster, Britt Marie Hermes.

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