October 24, 2020

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The Scientist’s Garden: Spring Has Sprung

the scientist's gardenIn celebrate the start of Spring yesterday, here are some pics from my garden. I have so little time I kind of neglect it, but sometimes it all turns out anyway. (update: you may enjoy reading our Scientist in the Garden series)

Above you can see the edge of one of the beds with over-wintered & self-reseeded sweet alyssum in white and purple. Intermixed I have tulips and miniature carnations, with the latter surviving the winter.

The climate in Davis, CA can be very mild in the winter and this year that was especially true. I like the combination of purple and white overall. To the right of the flowers are various veggies that grew over the winter and are now exploding in the garden including lettuce, beets, dill, carrots, and cilantro.

more scientists garden

Here you can see all kinds of flowers in a gardening riot mixed with veggies.

Then below is a nice sunrise viewed from the garden. Got to stop working on one’s grant early in the morning and go outside sometimes.garden sunset

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