FDA far too weak on stem cell clinics says poll

I recently ran a poll on my blog about how the FDA is doing on handling stem cell clinics.

There is substantial debate in the stem cell arena about how the FDA handles stem cell clinics ranging from the view that the agency is far too strict to excessively lenient.FDA stem cells

The results of the poll reflect a great deal of dissatisfaction with the job that the FDA is doing on stem cell clinics.

Only 9% of respondents felt that the FDA is currently do things just about right.

While the top 2 answers were polar extremes, by a large margin the top answer was that the FDA was much too lenient.

Although Internet polls of this kind are not scientific, they can reflect sentiments of a community.

2 thoughts on “FDA far too weak on stem cell clinics says poll”

  1. If MSNBC ran a poll with their viewers, who do you think will win, Republicans or Democrats? Who do you think will get most of the votes? On the flipside, the same poll is taken by Fox News viewer, and who do you think will win? Your poll is as good as the infamous historical picture of a man holding the front page of the newspaper saying, “Dewey defeats Truman!”

    1. @AL, I get your point, but actually this blog has a large, diverse readership that includes a lot of people who don’t like the FDA.

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