Stem Cell Person of the Year Award 2015: Nominations Open

The NIche stem cell logo, person of the yearIt’s time for The Niche 4th annual Stem Cell Person of the Year Award process to start.

Please send me your nominations for the person you think had the biggest positive impact in the stem cell and regenerative medicine world in 2015.

This award is unique in a number of ways. For example, anyone in the world is eligible to be nominated: both scientists and non-scientists alike. The nominee should also be someone who thought outside the box and took risks, which are novel areas of emphasis for this stem cell and regenerative medicine award.

Another special element is that the finalists are chosen from the nominees via an Internet vote by you, the readers of this blog. From the finalists I will choose the winner, who will receive recognition for their global leadership and innovation as well as a $2,000 cash prize that I pay myself.

Submit your nominations by Oct. 13 via email to me:

On Oct. 14, Stem Cell Awareness Day, I will announce the nominees. The Internet vote will begin soon after that.

Past winners of the Stem Cell Person of the Year Award include some amazing difference makers.

Dr. Masayo Takahashi won in 2014 and this year also received the inaugural Ogawa-Yamanaka Stem Cell Prize.

Dr. Elena Cattaneo received the award in 2013 and went on to get the ISSCR Public Service Award in 2014 along with colleagues.

In 2012 the winner was top stem cell patient advocate Roman Reed, who went on in 2013 to receive the GPI Stem Cell Inspiration Award.

Who deserves this year’s Stem Cell Person of the Year Award as the most impactful, innovative person in the world of stem cells? Let me know via your nominations.