November 30, 2020

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More from @TEDxVienna including photos and videos

A few weeks ago I spent a bit of time in Vienna participating in TEDxVienna. You can see two previous posts on my experience here and here.

My own video is not up yet on TED, but a few have popped up so far here. One of my favorites is the talk “What if we could become transhumans?” by Oskar Aszmann. See above. My own talk also touched briefly on transhumanism but from the very different angle of genetics, eugenics, and human genetic modification.


Before our rehearsals we got a tour from one of the organizers including the view above from the back of the amazing Volkstheater. Believe me it felt different there than on the stage.

St. Stevens

The inside of St. Stephen’s Cathedral (above) was awe-inspiring. There’s something about stain-glass windows and candle-lighting that is really powerful. It’s a must-see in Vienna.

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