August 7, 2020

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Year: 2015

3 min read

In 2014, I reported on a groundbreaking, but debated Duke stem cell-based clinical trial being launched for autism. Where does that trial stand today? (note that as of 2018-2020 I am very skeptical about stem cells for autism) The cord blood trial has continued. It is led by Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, whom I interviewed about cord blood stem cells back in 2013 (see part 1 and part 2), where she provided some fascinating background. It is also notable that on the stem cell autism trial front, other efforts …Read More

4 min read

It’s been a great couple days so far here at the World Stem Cell Summit in Atlanta. You can follow it on Twitter using the #WSCS15 hash tag. I first attended it 5 years ago in Pasadena. One of the special aspects of WSCS is it brings together diverse stakeholders in a way that just doesn’t happen elsewhere. For instance, you can have the FDA, patients, physicians, scientists, and funding agency people all in one room together. Some strong impressions so far include the …Read More

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I’m excited to be attending the World Stem Cell Summit starting today in Atlanta. This is a novel meeting that brings together academics, industry, patients, and more stakeholders in the stem cell and regenerative medicine world. I’m hoping that a live video stream will work for you to watch some of the meeting in the right upper side of this blog or click on the link in this sentence. This video won’t be active until later today (Wednesday and tomorrow, etc.) Here are the posts …Read More

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What’s it like to give a TED talk and could there be designer babies in your future as a parent? On Halloween I gave a TEDxVienna talk (click above) on giving consideration to the possibility that we may be headed toward a new reality in the next 15 years in which there are designer babies. What would that mean for society? Could a new eugenics be gaining ground? How would a world with designer babies impact us all individually? How do we promote the …Read More