January 16, 2021

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Stem Cell News Briefs: Anversa, Japan Regs, Ocata Suit, More

It’s been a busy few weeks for the stem cell field. Below are some news briefs on developments.

  • RetractionWatch reports that Piero Anversa is leaving Harvard/Brigham and Women’s Hospital after an investigation and dismissed lawsuit he filed against the institution. All still quiet on the STAP cell front at the same institutions.
  • There’s some more clarity and confusion over the Japanese regulatory sphere for IPS cells. New regs may not be issued for another 4 or more months, leaving the clinical studies there in some limbo timing-wise. JapanNews asks “Are the mutations found in the RPE study relevant?” and quotes an anonymous source that they aren’t.
  • An interesting new paper on direct reprogramming to a cardiac phenotype. What do you think of this work?
  • Shareholders in Ocata, in the process of being acquired by Astellas Pharma, are unhappy with the deal and perceived undervaluing of Ocata in the purchase. A number of reactions are in the works including a class action lawsuit. Note: I have a very small, long-term stake in the company.

    Timothy J. Kieffer
    Timothy J. Kieffer.
  • 2015 Till-McCulloch prize goes to Timothy J. Kieffer (pictured)
    and his lab for outstanding research on production of insulin-secreting cells.
  • A link between Duchenne and stem cells could be important.
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