October 25, 2020

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Can StemCells Inc. Cheat Death?

stemcellsinc-logoCalifornia stem cell biotech, StemCells, Inc. ($STEM), has really struggled for years and its stock is now flatlining raising the question: can it cheat death?

Will 2016 be the year that STEM turns things around?

So far this year hasn’t started off that well. You can see the graph at right from today on the STEM stock price.

Ron Leuty over at San Francisco Business Times reported a couple of weeks ago on a juicy severance package for departing STEM CEO Marty McGlynn despite struggles at the company and layoffs.STEMcell stock

I sincerely hope that STEM can bounce back and that its clinical trial work including on spinal cord injury turns out to be successful, but the odds seem to grow longer financially looking to the future barring some big splash of good news soon.

What do you guys think of STEM’s future?

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