Find Easter egg hidden in my new book GMO Sapiens & win $250

I like Easter eggs, science and writing, and Easter is less than a week away.

I also think that games and puzzles as well as contests where there are prizes are fun.

In this spirit I’ve hidden a scientific Easter egg inside of my new book, GMO Sapiens.

If you are the first to find it and notify me, I will give you a $250 prize.

We are talking about a scientific Easter egg.

Wikipedia defines this sort of Easter egg this way: “An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in an interactive work”.

This is the kind of egg I’ve hidden…not an actual egg.

There are some rules to carefully consider.cover GMO Sapiens

To be eligible, you have to have personally purchased the actual softback or hardback a copy of the book, and provide documentation of that.

You also have to correctly tell me the entire nature of the Easter egg hidden in my book and it might be more complicated than you first imagine. So if you think you’ve found it, take some time to be sure you really “get it” because of the next rule.

Only one guess per person is permitted per 30-day period.

But only the first one to correctly tell me the egg wins the prize.

Anyone is eligible except for members of my lab or family or anyone in any way affiliated with this blog.

Enjoy the hunt and the prize if you are the winner.

Hopefully you’ll get something out of the book too.