January 19, 2021

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More on Nervana Stem Cell Clinic in Sacramento

I blogged recently about how Sacramento has a new stem cell clinic using amniotic stem cells called Nervana Stem Cell Center. Its website currently offers no details on the people behind the company that I could find.

Nervana Stem Cell Center
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I sent Nervana a message on their website to try to learn more based in part on a commenter on this blog having suggested that a Dr. Tushar Goradia may be the main physician at the clinic:

I noticed your ad in the Sac Bee and was checking out your website. Who is the physician at Nervana? Is it Dr. Tushar Goradia? Does Dr. Goradia have experience and training with stem cells? Are other doctors part of this team and do they have stem cell experience and training?

No reply.

I have called Nervana several times and only got a recording over a period of weeks, but then last week I got an actual person on the phone. This representative couldn’t say who the main doctor was, but said in a few months that would become known.

The rep did mention there is a second doctor there named Clarence Lee and a nurse practitioner named Robin Jackson. I read Dr. Goradia’s profile on LinkedIn and it does list Nervana with him as the owner. I also was able to find Jackson’s LinkedIn profile, where her employment at Nervana is listed. Her role there is described this way:

Nervana Stem Centers
– Present (3 months)Fair Oaks, California
Injection of Stem Cells into joints and IV therapy

No luck on finding out about Dr. Lee yet.

I hope the community can learn more about Nervana, get information on who the doctors are and their backgrounds in stem cells, and what they are doing in the way of stem cell interventions. From what I understand this clinic is already administering amniotic stem cells to patients for a variety of conditions including pain and arthritis here in Sacramento so there’s somewhat of a pressing need for information.

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