Stem cell news bites: chimeras, Australian clinics, organoids & more

brain organoids
screenshot from Reuters video

Some recent developments in the stem cell world are worth a look.

I’ve posted the headlines verbatim and the links to some of these stem cell news bites below.

NIH Plans To Lift Ban On Research Funds For Part-Human, Part-Animal Embryos. NIH may allow funding of human-animal chimeras in certain cases.

Stem cell ‘tourists’ flock to Australia. How many stem cell clinics are there in Australia?

ICYMI: Leigh Turner and my Cell Stem Cell paper on US Clinics. The stem cell clinic situation in the U.S.

Brunswick woman taking gamble that stem cells will restore vision. A risky and costly experimental intervention.

Singapore scientists grow human ‘midbrain’ from stem cells. What can’t be grown with organoids?

Stem Cells and the Frozen Zoo. How cool and important.