Korean edition of my GMO book on human CRISPR is out

I got a package from my publisher and upon opening it I saw the Korean edition of my book GMO Sapiens on the potential use of CRISPR in humans. The English language edition can be purchased here at the publisher where you can get 35% using the discount code WS16XMAS35 until January 15th or here on Amazon.gmo-sapiens-korean

This is really exciting.

I don’t speak Korean, but it was interesting to see the cover and how the book turned out in Korean. The cover art on the Korean edition is quite striking with the silver and red, and the different icons coming together.

It is also a great feeling to know that many people in Korea or for whom Korean is a first language will be reading my work and thinking about the important issues involved.

2 thoughts on “Korean edition of my GMO book on human CRISPR is out”

  1. I’ve sent E-Mails to you. Hope you would check.
    Thank you
    – Korean student biology club president Tim Choi

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