What is your favorite stem cell/regen med biotech & why?

stem cell stocksI’m putting together a list of stem cell and regenerative medicine biotech companies for a blog post, including both public and private. I’ve got a good list already, but want it to be fairly comprehensive.

I’m also curious what readers think are the most promising ones and why. So weigh in with comments please or email me. Ideally, you would indicate if you have an investment in these stocks for the publicly-traded ones. Don’t restrict yourself only to stocks traded on US markets necessarily and private companies like ViaCyte are exciting as well so should be included.

It’s also interest to see how these lists change over time reflecting shifts and trends in the industry. For instance, Ocala (fka as ACT) is gone. StemCells, Inc. is gone. CDI is gone as an independent entity at least.

Look for a future post with a stem cell/regenerative medicine biotech list. If you invest in this sector be aware it is extremely risky and over the years most of these kinds of stocks have tended to go down more than up.

8 thoughts on “What is your favorite stem cell/regen med biotech & why?”

  1. How about Stemedica? They got approval from Indonesian FDA (BPOM) in April 2014 for their hypoxia treated mesenchymal stem cells. It is said that the approval is the first in South East Asia. However, I am not sure about the implementation, as there are only 11 hospitals that are allowed to give legal stem cell therapy through out the country (the number of legal stem cell therapy hospitals might increase in the future).

    I read in their web that:

    “Stemedica’s itMSCs and itNSCs are highly scalable with hundreds of thousands of treatment doses deriving from a healthy donor sample. Autologous cells are not scalable because they need to be retrieved surgically from each individual patient.”

    Therefore, in my opinion, their cells are over expanded, which is not a good sign.

    Well, let’s wait and see.

  2. Dragonfly Foundation for Research & Development. They have been in the adult stem cell field since 1976. Their scientists have been involved in bench top to bedside studies.

  3. I am very much interested in the company Regenexx in CA and other states. They advertise and blog continually. I want to know about their integrity, the truth or falsity of their claims. Their expertise and their outcomes. Are they trustworthy of just hyping their name.

  4. Geron under Thomas Okarma. He was a champion for advanced stem cell research.The world owes him a debt of gratitude.

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