What’s the deal with US Stem Cell Inc stock?

The stem cell clinic business US Stem Cell Inc., formerly known as Bioheart, has seen its stock take a rollercoaster ride recently include a big run up and now today a big drop so what’s the scoop?

US Stem Cell, which includes a few subsidiaries such as US Stem Cell Clinic, focuses on the use of adipose stem cells to treat a variety of health conditions in people, as well as training and pet treatments.

US Stem Cell Inc Stock USRM

To my knowledge, the company does not have FDA approval such as an IND for the stem cell interventions that it sells. In addition, there is some debate over whether adipose stem cells/stromal vascular fraction is a biological drug. As a stem cell scientist and close follower of the field, I believe it is a drug. Note that I’m not aware of the FDA having taken any action on US Stem Cell or its competitors who use adipose stem cells. The company has also recently settled two patient lawsuits, which included allegations of harm to vision by a number of entities.

On the potential upside for investors, it seems there remains strong demand across the US and the world amongst patients for what stem cells clinics are offering even without FDA approval.

Why is the US Stem Cell Inc stock moving so much recently?

It looks like an investment research firm put out a report on the company and the report apparently details the company making deals outside the U.S. and in the Middle East so this may be part of what is driving the stock to move around.

There also seems to be something recent about a lawsuit settlement on social media, but seems pretty vague so hard to say if it is accurate or means something.

Any other thoughts?

Disclosure: I have no investment in stem cell/regenerative medicine stocks including US Stem Cell or its competitors.

2 thoughts on “What’s the deal with US Stem Cell Inc stock?”

  1. @Paul,

    I have no idea but It has a market cap of less than $2,000,000. It’s not really a relevant company in the stem cell sector and a small amount of money can move the shares. It is interesting though how they are treating patient given all we know about FDA regulations.

  2. I think what you’re seeing is just “eddy currents” i.e. residual value created by marketing and it’s not long-term. There were murmurs of them settling lawsuits (not only the patient lawsuits – they were also sued by Roche Diagnostics and Northstar Biotech for non-payment of bills) and their publication in Jan 2017 is good marketing. So it looks like a possible “pump and dump” stock if you have the nerves. On the other hand, they are making money from patients (customers) and even though the cash balance is pitiful (about 250k + 3 million in trailing revenues from 2016), they do seem to have a plan. A zombie company with a toenail still twitching, but only twitching as long as they can fly under the FDA radar IMO.

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