Exploring Brooklyn in Pictures

Sometimes I write about trips and travel here on The Niche.  couple days ago we explored Brooklyn. We first took the subway to the City Hall stop in Manhattan (the best for walking the Bridge) and then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s about 1.2 miles and a fun walk, although on our walk it was about 90 degrees and humid. Nice breeze in the middle, which helped.

We then explored the Dumbo area, had pizza at the famous Juliana’s Pizza (run by the Grimaldi family who sold the business Grimaldi’s and then the two businesses kind of swapped places). Best pizza I’ve ever had, but waiting in line was tough in the blazing sun. We went to the Brooklyn Flea Market and bought some vintage stuff. Had ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and then took the subway back.

Below are a bunch of pictures from our day in Brooklyn.

Juliana's pizza Brooklyn
Juliana’s Pizza.

Brooklyn sign

Brooklyn picture
Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn
Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn
Brooklyn factory shutters
Factory shutters

Brooklyn Bridge Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

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  1. Lol. You’re hilarious. You didn’t even scratched Brooklyn’s surface! DUMBO is nice, sure. But come on. It’s just a tiny little portion of Brooklyn. That’s NOT exploring Brooklyn.

  2. Great to read about your travel journey beside the interesting stem cell stories. Will you be going to the ISSCR2017?? Ricky

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