Movers & Shakers in Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Field

Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine field researchers move around to different places fairly often.stem cell movers and shakers

It is interesting to note trends and also see who received what kinds of awards and such.

Below is a list of some recent movers and shakers.

  • George Daley got the ISSCR Public Service Award (you can see other ISSCR Awards here).
  • The new ISSCR President is Hans Clevers.
  • The new and first CEO of ARM is Janet Lambert.
  • Former CIRM President Randy Mills is now leading the National Marrow Donor Program.
  • The new CIRM President and CEO remains unchosen as of yet.
  • Hans Keirstead is running for Congress
  • Doug Melton won the 2016 Ogawa-Yamanaka Prize
  • Feng Zhang received the 2016 NYSCF Robertson Stem Cell Prize
  • Ted Harada won my Stem Cell Person of the Year 2016 Award posthumously
  • Peter Zandstra is going over to UBC.

If you know of other movers and shakers or developments with key players, add in a comment.

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    My father, Raymond Schofield, was also father to the stem cell niche hypothesis!

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