October 29, 2020

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Stem cell therapy cost: if you got a treatment, how much did you pay?

stem cell therapy costStem cell therapy cost is a moving target.

A lot depends on the circumstances. Did you get the therapy at a university or major medical center or like most people these days at a stem cell clinic? Did insurance pay any of the cost and if so, how much? If not, how did you get the needed funding?

I’d like to ask you readers, if you have had a stem cell therapy of any kind, how much did you pay?

Please let me know here.

There are two ways to answer. You can use our survey poll or you can say in the comments. In the poll, please choose the answer (range) that is closest to the amount you paid in US dollars.

I also have a second poll asking where you got the therapy. Please do both.

For more background on stem cell therapy cost you can see these past posts I did on the topic: a post on cost of therapies from hospitals and universities, versus cost at stem cell clinics.

Please also feel free to weigh in with a comment regarding whether you felt the cost was reasonable.

Another interesting element to this topic is how different places decide what to charge. For instance, in traditional clinic trials patients generally are not charged anything for the participation itself, but may have to pay smaller associated costs to the trial and other costs such as travel and lodging, often times in a city away from home so hotels, eating out, etc. are involved. Still costs can add up even if they often do not go to the entity running the trial.

At for-profit clinics, by their very nature, those running the show want to make money and as much money as possible from providing stem cell therapy. How do they decide what to charge? With so many clinics out there these days, in dozens of metro areas there are numerous clinics around so there isn’t really a monopoly situation and competition plays a role. If one has a clinic and there’s another clinic within a half-hour’s drive with both offering fat stem cells for arthritis, if you are charging way more than them, you are going to lose business.

For patients, from a consumer perspective, how much is reasonable to pay for an unproven stem cell therapy? Can you ask clinics for a discount from the price they initially mention? Probably. I’ve heard of clinics having coupons these days as well, which somehow seems odd to me for a medical treatment. One Bay Area ad that I posted about had such  coupon. What a money-back guarantee from a stem cell clinic? Never seen that.

The money side of the commercial stem cell world is important on many levels.

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