January 25, 2021

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Stem cell treatment cost 2019: polls & more

stem cell therapy costStem cell treatment cost is a big issue for patients now and longer term also for the stem cell field. If proven stem cell treatments end up costing too much then all that hard work to invent and test the therapies won’t have helped people much.

Million or multi-million dollar new therapies are not so unusual these days in the biotech world. Here are some recent examples:

  • From ASH Clinical News on a Novartis drug:“AVXS-101, a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy, will cost $4 million per patient, which the company considers cost-effective.” While the WSJ indicated that this drug, now marketed as Zolgensma, might be “as low” as $2 million a pop instead of $4 million, that’s still a mind-boggling price tag.
  • Glybera, the first million-dollar therapy (more than $1 million USD) at the time, has since been withdrawn.
  • The rare disease drug Ravicti reportedly costs more than $600K.

New stem cell and regenerative medicine therapies could be very expensive too. How much do stem cell therapies cost these days?

What about stem cel injections at unproven clinics? What are the price tags there? How many injections does the average patient get? That latter question is important as that amplifies total patient cost.

In past years I’ve done polling on how much people are paying for a stem cell treatment at unproven stem cell clinics and more generally.

Here today I’m revisiting that again to see where things stand in 2019. Please take our polls below and indicate how much you paid per stem cell injection, how many total you’ve gotten, and where you got them.


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