5 thoughts on “List of Top 50 stem cell influencers on Twitter to follow”

  1. List of ‘influencers’ where? This is irresponsible and has no value other than marketing to those included. Expecting more from the Niche. Awful and not scientific.

    You are gaining a lot of followers and just have to be responsible for what you publish. Regenex? Chris Centeno? You’re talking about a pain manager doctor who has convinced patient to spend 6k on an ACL repair that is simply bogus. Where are the orthopedic surgeons in the list?

    What is your motive here?

    1. @Rob,
      If you look in the post, I specifically say I don’t necessarily endorse those on this list and I indicate that I have a very different view of stem cells than some of them, but I wasn’t trying to be politically correct with this list. As to “my motive” I was aiming to capture a fairly comprehensive, diverse list of who’s out there with strong influence. Dr. Centeno and I strongly disagree on certain things, but he is a major influencer out there. So are some others on this list who see things very differently than me.

      1. Can’t argue with that and really respect your consistent objectivity. Surprised not to see Dan Eglinton or Austin Yeargan on the list? Dan brought Hernigou’s philosophy and AVN applications to the US and trained Austin who opened the door for applications in orthopedics using for rotator cuffs and eventually many other applications.

        I’m sure we all can agree that everyone’s work in stem cell biology and immunology was inspired and supported by the work of countless others who came decades before we did. What they did was truly extraordinary.

        Also agree this is not a setting for “political correctness’! Keep up the excellent work. Really is becoming a renowned site with objective point of view. You convinced me you haven’t changed course.

        I think we’re all looking forward to seeing how Gottleib/FDA move along.

        Thanks for your timely response.


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