Reading list of recent stem cell pubs & headlines

2018 has started quickly on the stem cell and regenerative medicine research front with many interesting new papers and a lot of headlines. You can see my predictions for this year here.

Gupta, et al. Stem Cell Reports 2018 Figure 6
Gupta, et al. Stem Cell Reports 2018 Figure 6

Below is a list of some of the more notable papers and striking news headlines. Note that just because I listed a news headline doesn’t mean a fan and in some cases below I include some words of commentary. I’ve also thrown in a few more rando papers of interest to me.

Recent interesting papers

Transient and Permanent Reconfiguration of Chromatin and Transcription Factor Occupancy Drive Reprogramming

Deriving Dorsal Spinal Sensory Interneurons from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (see part of Fig. 6 above).

Light-focusing human micro-lenses generated from pluripotent stem cells model lens development and drug-induced cataract in vitro

DNA methylation profile is associated with the osteogenic potential of three distinct human odontogenic stem cells

Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Failure to Adapt to Glucose Shortage and Rapidly Use Intracellular Energy Reserves Through Glycolysis Explains Poor Cell Survival After Implantation

A Non-canonical BCOR-PRC1.1 Complex Represses Differentiation Programs in Human ESCs

Mentoring the Next Generation: Brigid Hogan

Towards stem cell based therapies for Parkinson’s disease

Developmental biology, the stem cell of biological disciplines

Recent stem cell headlines

New Blood Stem Cell Harvest Method Could Speed Up Transplants

Should California Voters OK $5 Billion More for Stem Cell Research? (CIRM’s future)

Stem Cells for Knee Problems? U.S. Doctors Investigate (WSJ flubbed this article in some important ways including wrongly saying FDA condones certain stem cell treatments including using fat stem cells. Uh, no. Plus, article didn’t have needed scientific balance of views.)

This Doctor’s Revolutionary Stem Cell Treatments Could Eradicate HIV (interesting Daily Beast piece, but overly aspirational title).

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Survival Rates among Top in U.S. for Fred Hutch Bone Marrow Transplant Program at SCCA