October 25, 2020

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Update on state laws on stem cell clinics: California, Washington, & Florida

Photo from ISCRM at UW, stem cell law
Photo from ISCRM at UW

California broke new ground with our stem cell law that went into effect on January 1. It requires stem cell clinic firms to post notices informing patients of important information such as the fact that their offerings are non-FDA approved.

At this point, 4+ months into the enforcement period, I’m not sure if anyone has looked into compliance. Anyone know? If you run a stem cell clinic, have you posted notices? Is you are a patient in California who has been to such a clinic, have you seen a notice? According to the new law, the California state medical board in a broader sense is supposed to keep tabs on the situation.

What’s going on in other states?

A similar bill to our California one popped up a few months back in Washington state and stem cell scientists lobbied for it. I’m happy to report that just over a month ago, it became law so the growing number of clinics in that state need to start doing a better job educating patients as well. See picture above from the moment captured in time.

Florida is another hotbed for stem cell clinics with all kinds of things happening there ranging from patient lawsuits to federal lawsuits seeking permanent injunctions. Republican legislators there sponsored a bill that was even more assertive in oversight of clinics than that of California or Washington. Sadly, the bill died in committee or something like that before it even got voted on (HT to commenter “Bill Jones”). I’m not sure of any back story there on why.

Of course, there’s also that Texas stem cell clinic law too that to me seemed more pro-clinic, but my impression is that it hasn’t really practically speaking come into effect.

Anyone know of other states where stem cell clinic-related legislation is being discussed or if there’s an actual bill elsewhere?

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