Review of the Rainbow Bagel store in Brooklyn

What’s so great about a rainbow bagel?

Bagels are a favorite of mine. I’d pick them any day over just about any kind of bread for a sandwich. Also, who doesn’t like rainbows, right? So if you mix bagels and rainbows together, the end result should be great.

Shouldn’t it?

The Bagel Store Original Rainbow Bagel in Brooklyn
The Bagel Store Original Rainbow Bagel in Brooklyn.

To find out, on a recent trip to New York City, the family went to this place called The Bagel Store Original Rainbow Bagel in Brooklyn. I also now know Brooklyn well enough to say in addition I am a fan of this borough. Therefore, a store selling rainbow bagels in Brooklyn should be fantastic. While apparently several stores now sell rainbow bagels in Brooklyn, there is really only one original place. The Bagel Store Original Rainbow Bagel in Brooklyn or just “The Bagel Store” for short. Of course, if you just search for “The Bagel Store” in New York City then amongst that sea of stores you’re probably going to have trouble finding this one.

What did I think of The Bagel Store Original Rainbow Bagel in Brooklyn? What would my review be?

I liked it.rainbow bagel

Probably the most impressive thing is that when you walk in you are struck by a cabinet (see picture above) that is essentially an edible art collection. We later in the day went to the Brooklyn Museum so with art on the mind I can honestly say these bagels should quality as artwork. Actually, to be honest, my second impression after “wow” was “are those things made of Play-Doh?” Nope, they are food, not toys.

Another confession. I didn’t order a rainbow bagel for myself. Our family split one. I did get the “Old Fashioned Brooklyn Bialy” as an egg-vegetable sandwich, and it was very good. The rainbow bagel itself was more gorgeous than delicious in my opinion. Others in the family were more enthusiastic. Having just had some bagels in Manhattan the day before, I’d say the Old Fashioned Brooklyn Bialy was about on par, but the rainbow was a step down flavor and texture wise. But sometimes you have to try something just for fun and again, as I said, the rainbow bagel itself along with its other rainbow-ish friends are amazing to look at.

Overall, I’d give The Bagel Store in Brooklyn 3.5 stars out of 5.

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