$5 Billion more? 2 polls on funding CIRM again

CIRMToday I’m doing 2 polls on the future of the California stem cell agency better known as CIRM as it hangs in the balance, awaiting the results of us California voters going to the polls in November. At that time, Californians will vote on the new proposition that would fund CIRM for $5 billion more.

You can read the proposition here.

There has been some disagreement even amongst CIRM supporters of the exact nature of the initiative and the new form of CIRM should it be re-funded.

The polls are different in an important way. The first poll asks if CIRM will get the new funding. The new poll further down asks if should CIRM get the funding in your opinion.

Thanks for participating. Feel free to weigh in with comments too.

7 thoughts on “$5 Billion more? 2 polls on funding CIRM again”

  1. Fund again, but 1/4 to plasma proteomics as competitive player in regen.med. Despite the fact that the immediate clinical results of stem cell biology were not so overwhelming, Crispr leverages the value of the field. 1/8 should be earmarked for delivery research only.

  2. Considering all of the money squandered on lofty, unkept promises made in the past, that $5 billion would probably be better spent on fixing the festering homeless problem and cleaning the feces off the streets.

  3. I’m terrified about what Trump will do, if left to him we will go backwards and then all the time and money spent will be waisted . I think to get this through you need to expose what you are working on . People need to know facts and what specific directions the CIRM is going to enact for the good of mankind .I read the THE CIRM , OF COURSE IS iNDEPENDENT FROM THE FDA AND NIH, SO THE FACT THAT IT IS NOT FEDERALLY FUNDED IS A GOOD THING . THIS IS A MATTER OF CONVINCING PEOPLE What you are working on and what you are getting close to doing . like kidney disease or all kinds of programs that are in the works .PEOPLE ARE ONLY LEFT TO GO OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND NOT EVERYONE CAN DO THAT . PLEASE BE SPECIFIC AND PEOPLE MIGHT LISTENAGA . YOU CANT JUST KEEP ON MAKING PROMISES. PEOLPE LIKE HARD FACTS . PLEASSE DONT LET IT BE UP TOP TRUMP AND PENCE !!!

  4. Paul , just wondering why you refuse to acknowledge Mesoblast when it is on the cusp of Changing the face of Medicine is it because you are bias against Australia being at the forefront of Stem cell applications ?

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