December 1, 2020

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Weekly reads: Alzheimer’s, dinosaur brains, teratoma, vampire amoeba, new H3K27me3 reader

Anyone with a seemingly only semi-functional nervous system now post-election might be turning to science to help their brains bounce back. Here are some of the things I’ve been reading or hope to soon. In good news for the stem cell and regenerative medicine field, especially here in California, it looks like us California voters approved billions more in funding for CIRM, our state stem cell agency.

vampire amoeba
The so-called vampire amoeba in action. See video below.

Alzheimer’s new directions

More on dinosaur brains

Not too long ago scientists analyzed a rarity: a fossilized dinosaur brain that washed up on a British beach. Now we have We’ve Rarely Seen a Dinosaur Brain Like This Before, from the NY Times. A small dinosaur in S. America, Buriolestes schultzi, is predicted to have a much larger brain relative to body size than most dinosaurs. This conclusion comes from analysis of the skull cavity.

More news and pubs

Blast from the past

From boobs to baldness: stem cells go cosmetic

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