Weekly reads: vision, MyoD, liver regen, more

I love stem cell research but experiments that have practical possible future applications in medicine like for vision loss are especially interesting to me. On the other hand basic research on core transcription factor mechanisms like by MyoD also really grab me. We cover some of this stuff and other ground in today’s recommended reads.

Stem cell vision research

Fish eyes from stem cells.
Fish eyes or at least eye-like structures from stem cells. “Side by side comparison of the emerging retina in the fish embryo and in the retinal organoid grown in a Petri dish. Different colours mark the optic vesicle with retinal progenitor cells (magenta – left picture, red – middle picture), progenitors of the retinal pigmented epithelium and forebrain (cyan – middle picture) and emerging retinal cell types (green – right picture). Credit: Adapted from Zilova, Weinhardt, et al., eLife 2021, 10:e66998, CC BY 4.0”

Fish eyes grown in a petri dish from embryonic stem cells, Phys Org. Here’s the original eLife paper: “Fish primary embryonic pluripotent cells assemble into retinal tissue mirroring in vivo early eye development.”

I covered another related paper a few weeks back where human brain organoids were grown with eye-like structures.

Here’s another recent paper in this stem cells for vision research space in Stem Cell Reports: Synaptic repair and vision restoration in advanced degenerating eyes by transplantation of retinal progenitor cells.

Other notable papers

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