Recommended reads: secrets of cells, T-cells, CRISPR

What are your favorite cells? The stem variety? T-cells? I have a hard time choosing just one favorite.

The first news item I feature talks new imaging methods to see deep inside any cells. Have a favorite organelle?

Cryo-EM of cells
Cryo-Electron Tomography view inside a cell. “Cryo-electron tomography reveals a phase-separated protein degradation microcompartment where proteasomes (red) cluster at the endoplasmic reticulum membrane (cytosolic ribosomes: light blue; membrane-bound ribosomes: dark blue; Cdc48: yellow; membranes: white; Protein structures obtained by subtomogram averaging and subsequently mapped back into the cellular tomogram). Data courtesy of Dr. Benjamin Engel, Helmholtz Zentrum München.”

The secret lives of cells — as never seen before, Nature. This news item covers newer imaging techniques like cryo-ET. You can see one of the images above.

Beam Therapeutics Reports Preclinical Data Highlighting Multiplex Base Editing Approach to Create Anti-CD5 CAR T-cell Investigational Therapies for T-Cell Malignancies. Beam PR.

For stem cells, bigger doesn’t mean better, MIT News. Cell size and the mechanisms that control cell growth (as in getting bigger, not necessarily proliferating) are fascinating. Sometimes smaller is better too.

Pubs on stem cells & more

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