Weekly reads: Joe Rogan, stem cell, diet, clinics, more

The other day I was talking with some folks about stem cell policy on Zoom, which was great, but one phrase from them jumped out at me and gave me a laugh. “Joe Rogan is the Gwyneth Paltrow for bros.” It also just rings true to me.

Joe Rogan talking about unproven stem cells with Mel-Gibson.

Some readers of The Niche may remember that I’ve written before about a particularly awful Joe Rogan stem cell video that promotes unproven clinic offerings. See image above. However, he has promoted unproven stem cells numerous times and apparently has gotten injections of stem cells too himself.

In that sense, like Gwyneth Paltrow, he’s promoting unproven health-related offerings. I wonder who would be more offended by the comparison? I’ll write more about all the Joe Rogan videos mentioning stem cells sometime later.

Okay, on to the recommended reads for the week.

Stem cell pubs

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