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When we hear the word senile we might think stereotypically of an older person who has cognitive impairment, but some argue that senility can apply to cells too as they age and that such cells can be targeted by drugs called senolytics.

Unfortunately, the supplements industry has picked up on this idea to sell iffy pills. A Google search for “senolytics” found a whole bunch for sale at the top of the search results. A quick YouTube search found one of the top-ranking senolytics videos features Steve Horvath who is now a leader at the new institute Altos LabsSee the screenshot below.

Senolytics Steve Horvath
Senolytics video featuring Steve Horvath.

I noted several recent research articles. It remains a somewhat controversial area.

Senolytics research

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1 thought on “Recommended reads: senolytics, cow iPS cells, big CIRM royalty”

  1. Very exciting work on dasatinib and quercetin as senolytics to prevent T cell senescence/Treg generation..

    Thank you so much for sharing ! There are some very big implications here. One obvioulsy is in the field of chronic myeloid leukemia, which my mother died from. T cells have been shown to play a role in suppressing this disease…the first demonstration of immunotherapy efficacy was in CML in th eform of donor lymphocyte transfusions.

    Dasatinib is a drug already used in CML. I am sure that someone will do a trial on quercetin and dasatinib for CML to prevent the T cell exhaustion.

    It is too bad my mother didnt live to see these advancements but there are many mothers like my mother out there that will benefit from the acceleration of scientific progress that we are seeing today.

    Thomas Ichim

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