Stem cell reads: regeneration, 8C, MYC, CRISPR babies

Another busy week including on the grant writing treadmill or should I say Mobius strip, but I’m always on the lookout for new reading and this week a lot popped up on regeneration. Also, a paper on healing and scarring.

wound healing stem cells
“Figure 1. Multimodal interrogation of scarring and regenerative wound repair Hide caption (A) Gross photos (left columns) and low-power hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) histology (right columns) of PBS and verteporfin-treated wounds at indicated PODs.” Mascharak, et al 2022 Cell Stem Cell.

I regularly write about stem cell journals. For a long time, it seems like Cell Stem Cell has been the top journal. However, there are some other fantastic journals in this space including Stem Cells.

You can see my most recent post on stem cell journals including impact factors and any notes on the editors or paper submission process.

Okay, on to the weekly reads including on regeneration

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