LifeWave X39 stem cell patch story has holes

I often learn about new supposedly stem cell-related products like the LifeWave X39 Patch from readers. Sometimes such products are used by tens of thousands of people, in my view potentially raising risks to the public.

If nothing else, people might be spending their money on something that isn’t worth it.

As a stem cell biologist, how do I see LifeWave? What’s the claimed stem cell connection?

Overall, my claim review is that in my opinion the X39 patch and its health claims do not appear to have solid peer-reviewed science behind them.

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LifeWave X39 patches
LifeWave X39 patch marketing image. From the firm’s website.

What is the LifeWave X39 Patch

The LifeWave X39 patch is a device about the size of a quarter that you stick on your skin. While as best as I can tell it does not actively emit new light itself like a bulb, it is claimed to expose the skin to only certain wavelengths of light.

Here are the instructions: “Place one LifeWave X39™ patch on the body, use one of the locations shown below. Apply the patch to clean, dry skin in the morning. Patches may be worn for up to 12 hours before discarding. Keep well hydrated while using this product.”

They state that the X39 patches do several medical-related things via that light exposure:

  • “Activate your stem cells!
  • Patented phototherapy is designed to elevate a peptide known to enhance stem cell activity
  • Supports relief of minor aches and pains.
  • More energy and better sleep – must be experienced to be believed
  • Supports natural wound healing process
  • Maintains healthy inflammatory response”

No solid clinical trial data for LifeWave patches?

The LifeWave website instructs users to place the X39 patch on the skin of the back of the neck. How would one little patch placed there impact systemic things like the claims related to improved sleep and wound healing elsewhere?

As mentioned in the previous section, these patches are claimed to work by activating your stem cells.  How would that work exactly in terms of actual biology? It’s not at all clear.

I found 6 papers from a PubMed search for “LifeWave.” None of the papers provide concrete evidence to back up the claims about the patches in my view. I also found no clinical trial listings on for a search for LifeWave and no relevant results for “X39” patches.

While LifeWave points to clinical studies (see links to two examples in the References section if you want to check them out for yourselves) in support of their X39 patches, the studies I found on these patches in my opinion are not convincing as they were small, had questionable or unclear methods (e.g. just taking a sample of convenience and it’s unclear how participants were blinded to patch use in one case), were not registered on, and were not published in what I consider rigorous journals that are listed on PubMed. I also have some questions on the ethics board and/or IRB approval for these studies.

At this point in my research into these products, I found there was no strong reason to think the patches would activate stem cells or do so in a meaningful way to have systemic positive effects. A little patch also only exposes a correspondingly small area of skin. Could a little patch of skin exposed to light also make the skin release helpful endogenous substances throughout the whole body? I don’t believe there is good evidence of that either.

Claimed role for GHK-Cu

I wanted to try to better understand at a molecular and cellular level what the firm was claiming the patches do to customers’ stem cells. After all, I am a cell and molecular biologist. I finally found a page with more detail on their site. It is focused in part on something called GHK-Cu. I’d never heard of it, so I looked up research on it.

A paper with first author Loren Pickart popped up. His affiliation is something called R&D Skin Biology or just Skin Biology in Bellevue, WA.

Pickart and co-author Anna Margolina claim that GHK-Cu has regenerative and protective actions. The paper seems to be full of unproven claims rather than anything convincing to me data-wise. I found a few pubs by Pickart on PubMed. None of them seem at all convincing to me to support the sale of a small skin patch product claiming to improve health via stem cell activation by GHK-Cu. One paper claims an affiliation with the Research & Development Department of Skin Biology as though it’s a large corporation or university. I don’t see evidence of that either.

The proposed mechanism whereby light triggers increases in GHK-Cu and that in turn activates stem cells also brings to mind another product that I reviewed recently. The Augustinus Bader cream products also seem to claim to work by triggering endogenous stem cells via a substance called TCF8.

No stem cell scientists?

As another potential hole in the story and red flag, I don’t see that LifeWave leadership has rigorous stem cell research experience. What’s the leadership team?

CEO David Schmidt is the inventor of the X39 patch.

On the page about Schmidt it says this: “One of his inventions, the Double Helix Conductor, produces a novel blend of electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic fields to improve the speed of wound healing that rivals that of stem-cell injections. This led to David realizing that phototherapy can be a means by which a person’s own stem cells can be activated into a more youthful state as opposed to requiring an injection of expensive and potentially dangerous stem cells . Hence, after ten years of study, the X39® patch was born.”

Suzanne Somers, lifewave
Suzanne Somers promoting LifeWave in a YouTube video.

What about Loren Pickart whose work LifeWave cites? I don’t see that Pickart works for LifeWave. 

Pickart’s co-author on the GHK-Cu papers, Anna Margolina, has her email listed as the corresponding email on the paper. I emailed her about LifeWave and GHK-Cu but got no reply.

Interestingly, the website that is the source of Margolina’s email shows her to be a hypnotist now. She also has a YouTube video on her site in which she uses a puppet to make some points.

At this point in reading up on LifeWave, I was even less convinced there’s robust stem cell science behind these patches. The claimed light-induced GHK-Cu mechanism of stem cell activation seems dubious to me. I even went to the X39 patch patent document and still didn’t find convincing evidence that the patch does something beneficial to stem cells.

Cost of LifeWave X39 patch: $150-$280

These are also expensive patches. Depending on the product, you can pay more than a hundred dollars for a month’s supply. If you use them for years, we’re talking about thousands of dollars.

Perhaps part of the money earned goes to support the firm’s abundant marketing.

One of the LifeWave celebrity ambassadors is Suzanne Somers, who I assume gets paid for this role. Long-time readers of The Niche may recall that Somers has been a believer in alternative stem cell medical approaches for a very long time. She was apparently the first person who got a stem cell breast surgery. 

Overall LifeWave X39 review

I couldn’t find clear data on potential LifeWave patch side effects. Some folks on the web even claim that no side effects are possible, which is, of course, false. Anything that can activate one’s stem cells, assuming for one second that that claim is true, has the potential to do unhelpful things.  So there’s at least some possible risk here.

My overall review is that the LifeWave X39 does not appear to have strong, peer-review published clinical science listed on PubMed to support its claims based on a tiny patch. There could also be side effects. If the X39 is active in the skin itself, I would imagine at most it could positively impact locally nearby issues like tissue healing.

Note that this patch approach is very different than drug patches, which contain concentrated chemicals. A drug patch releases a chemical into your body that then is distributed systemically via the bloodstream. The FDA says these transdermal drug patches are complex combinations of drugs and devices. LifeWave is not transdermal and seems to instead rely on a supposed activation of one or more endogenous substances with cells already in your own body.

I also have some concerns about LifeWave as an MLM firm. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any other science-based reviews of these patches to cite.

Overall, given the high cost and uncertainties, I would not recommend this product.

Stem cell patch research more generally

Finally, note that the term “stem cell patch” has several different meanings today. There are LifeWave bandaid-like patches, but also other very different things.

There is rigorous clinical trial research ongoing for stem cell patches meaning either a layer of stem cells or a layer of differentiated cells made from stem cells. These stem cell patches are hoped to fix damaged tissue. They might repair holes or openings in tissues. For example, I’m very excited about spina bifida research ongoing right here at UC Davis Medical School involving stem cell patches. There are also studies of stem cell patches for other damaged tissues.

So keep in mind that “stem cell patch” is a broad term.

References and notes

253 thoughts on “LifeWave X39 stem cell patch story has holes”

  1. It is a shame that someone who claims to be a stem cell biologist has never heard of GHK-cu copper peptide. I would also like to point out that David Schmidt (CEO / Inventor), holds over 150 patents and that the X39 is not only patented, but is FDA approved as a medical device! Some people just think they are smarter than others. So “Doctor” how many patents do you have? 🤔 All I know is that my shoulder had two rotator cuff tears and I had a torn bicep. After 30 days of wearing the X39 Patch, my pain was gone and my range of motion improved to 99%. Today I am back in the gym and doing all that I did before my Injuries.

    1. I’m asking for mechanism of action, just like the FDA does. And hey, this boomer is a stem cell scientist.

  2. Hello, I will be ordering the x39 for my husband who suffers from back pain and foot , knee pains, I also have some pains i would like to relieve. I will definitely be coming back here to let everyone know if there is any improvement. However i would like to know if we can put the patches only in the top of spine and under belly button or we can put anywhere the pain is?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello, I usually don’t throw in my 2 cents worth on forums but after reading this one I have to. So I was at a festival over the past weekend. And saw a tent that said lifewave and something about stem cells. So I just walked up and started talking to a lady. Basically asking what it was all about. And what she was trying to tell me went right over my head. I said I would do some looking online about it. She was not hard selling me on anything. Infact when I ask ok so how much? She said it’s free, try it and see what you think. So I said ok. I had brought my walker and it was in the car. I had plans for my son to go back and get it as my bone on bone left knee was killing me after only 10 min’s of walking. She ask me where it hurt the most and I pointed to the outside of my left knee. And said to her my whole leg will be swelled up soon, as it had started to already. So she put 3 total on my left leg. And I believe they were for different things. One was the x39, one was the medicine one and then she put one she said was for swelling on the top part of my ankle. She said just see how it makes you feel. I thanked her and walked away. I swear on a stack of bibles that I walked 25 feet and stopped in my tracks. With my mouth hanging open. My son looked at me and said what Mom? I was like you are not gonna believe this. YOUR JUST NOT! But I feel a tingling from my upper back into my upper neck it feels kind of like a slight form of electricity. This is crazy I said over and over. Just crazy. He was like that’s cool. I said wait I have to go back and tell her. And I was honestly almost in tears. Because I knew SOMETHING was working. I did not know what but i could feel that something was. She smiled and hugged me and said well go on about your day and come back by and let me know how it did for you all day. Well let me tell you. I walked all day up hills and on uneven ground and I had 0 pain. All I knew was that this little stupid looking circle Band-Aid had took away my pain when I had absolutely no expectations of it PERIOD. It was a three day festival and we were tired and knew we would be back the next day so I left without stopping by her tent that day. but I was amazed and I actually kept it on for 24 hr.s the next day I myself did not go back because I choose to stay with my friend and relax at a cabin we had rented. I had no pain what so ever in my leg or knee till about 32 hr.s later. So the next day again I choose to stay with my friend and enjoy the day with her and my granddaughter. After giving my son instructions to get me some of this crazy band-aid thing. I did just 2 hr’s of walking and playing with my granddaughter that day and my left lower leg was killing me and swelled up really big. I had hopes he would be bringing some home but she did not have any. I had done only slight research online and saw that yes to me it did look like a MLM. So I said to him heck sign me up as a dealer and I can get started cheaper cause this stuff works. He did and I cant wait to get it in the mail. I wont most likely sell any because I’m just not a seller kinda person. But I figured heck get a good discount. She did tell me that from what she had been told, that feeling I got when i first put them on, only effected about 20% of the people that way and that fast. Well here is what I say about the whole thing. It absolutely was NOT a placebo effect. Because I had NO expectations and no hard sell or anything. Just a try it and see what ya think. In fact I was so non shullant about it that like I said I never even really understood the concept. But I will find out more when they come I guess. But did learn that you can put them right on the painful spot. So I hope this helps someone. All I know is it helped me and im very excited over it. Oh and sorry so long.

      1. Great testimonial! Have you received your kit and what patch are you using that helps your knee pain ?

    2. You may put anywhere on your body. The energy or light wave anti-inflammation effects (personal experience) to reduce pain and improve healing. Or, put a combined X39+X49 (stick together) on the point with pain will have a stronger effect.

    1. Are you interested in being invited to a group that share personal testimonials concerning these patches?

    2. I had a friend that is all in on this. He kept on me about trying them out. I looked up the research and came about the same conclusions as this article. However, on PubMed, there was a reference to positive improvements in Heart Rate Variability(HRV). I mean, it is a good variable to improve but that by itself isn’t really something you can translate to much. I also saw better than average resting heart rates.
      If the patch can improve HRV, then something could be happening?
      I tried the patch and my sleep numbers significantly improved as measured by my Oura ring. Anybody that has an Oura ring knows that we(as a group) are all about working our numbers for sleep. I have difficulty knowing if this could be placebo but have duplicated this effect with a buddy of mine.
      I signed up and saw a miraculous moment with another friend. Lifewave has a selection of patches and the another one is Icewave. It literally seems to short circuit pain on the body. I tried this on 2 people and it really does work–one was a knee and the other was a lower back. Honestly, I tried it out as I had them as extras in the bunch I ordered.
      For me, I’m not sure if I am to make any money on this but I find it interesting to experiment. I do find that the patch seems to work less over time. I have tried taking breaks, wearing it more/less etc.
      I gave some patches to a women and she said her body hurt more. She has since been diagnosed as having R.A. and I am not sure how to interpret the patch results. People in the organization might call this detox but it is difficult to tell someone to keep it on when pain levels rise.
      I do get distracted when Lifewave people say to pitch people about activating stem cells as I feel this is a stretch. I mean it might or it might not and that is mainly unproven. Copper peptide seems to activate stem cells and the patches are alleged to stimulate copper peptide production. However, when I tell people about my sleep numbers improving they give me blank looks. When I try the pitch of stem cells, their eyes light up…

      1. I have also had sleep improvement. Another thing that made me stop and think “is this really working?” Is that my ears have been pierced for almost 30 years and never healed. They would get sore anytime I tried to wear earrings but since wearing the x39 I can wear any kind of earring for days on end!! It’s really mind boggling! My husband’s neck pain dissipated with use as well and comes back when we take a break from the patches. I don’t know how they do it but we definitely feel a difference. I do wish they were more affordable!

  3. Interesting that the disclaimer on their website says “The statements on LifeWave products on its websites or associated materials have not been evaluated by any regulatory authority and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.”

  4. And to those who say “they helped me” – there is a thing called the placebo effect. Now don’t get me wrong – I would pay any amount for anything that took away my pain and had no bad side effects, even if it WAS all in my mind. But before I drop a couple hundred bucks, I would like to see some science.

    1. A good friend who has been struggling with debilitating back pain reached out to me yesterday (9/6/23) regarding her findings. She has been using a combination of these patches from Lifewave now for the past few months. Her testimony as she shares it is quite moving. Once only a few months back she was not able to sit on the grass or ground with her small children, and then get back up onto her feet without being in major pain. Also sleeping was next to impossible. She found out about this product and gave it a try. Her claim is to be pain free right now. Sitting on the ground, sleeping at night peacefully etc etc.
      She gave my a sample of the icewave patch for my knee pain and well, with all the hopes that I would find relief unfortunately I did not. I’m willing to give it a few more tries but I am certainly not ready to invest hundreds of dollars unless I feel some marked relief. And I get the snake-oil position. Believe me. I will book-mark this page and come back if I have some amazing news to share. If you never hear from me again, well you know that the snake-oil patch has been applied!!!! 😉

      1. Icewave is a patch that relieves the sympyoms of pain. It does not work on all pain! Most but not all and it’s only temporary. X 39 is the long game. If you have knee pain, that is the one that you want to use. It may take you a week. It may take you three months, six months or a year. Everyone is different. For me it took seven days And I was sold. For someone else that I know with the same type of knee pain it took him six months. These products are no joke dispite what the author of this article says. I find him to be only half doing the research, and with an already made up mind as to the outcome. As far as the prices he quoted, it’s way too high.

      1. These patches are not drugs, and therefore not under the purview of the FDA. Actual therapies have peer-reviewed research, double-blind studies, and other recognized science. Far be it from me to question Suzanne Somers medical qualifications.

    1. I have been using the x39, Glutathione, Carnosine, and Aeon patches for three months and I feel like I sleep better and my knee feels stiffer so I don’t know if they are working or not. I am 48 so I was told I have to use them for 5 months to see a noticable difference. It cost me over $300 a month. Praying it helps me 🙏🙏🙏

  5. First of all, I am skeptical as they come and have always disliked the ra ra born again type comments of people involved in MLM stuff. And I’m also very aware that the power of the mind is immense – I meditate and can state with 100% conviction that ”thoughts are things’…so, yes the placebo effect is real.

    So, when a friend of mine told about the x39 patches, I was skeptical. But, he told that his R knee and foot, which have been giving him a lot of trouble the last 2 months (and I have seen him limping around to some degree at our weekly meditation services) are much improved after 6 days of wearing those patches, so I was willing to give the patches a try.

    I have Parkinson’s, and have rigidity pretty much over my whole body, insomnia, neuropathy in my feet, take PD meds, can’t sleep at all w/o pills (don’t sleep with pills either)…so, I just put my first patch on a couple hours ago (my friend gave a couple to try). and if there are no bad side effects, I plan on trying the patches for a couple months. Believe you me, if there are no benefits, I will be refunding! But, if there are even moderate positive benefits, $100 a month is a small price to pay. Bookmarked the site, I will be checking back to report in a month or two.

    1. I have Parkinson’s also and insomnia also. Don’t waste your money on this product. Studies have shown that high levels of Vitamin B1 helps with Parkinson’s plus a B complex. Also I take two tablespoons of olive oil from a very good olive oil company. Look up the information on olive oil and its overall health benefit’s. That will help much better than a patch that does not work. My neurologist agrees with what I’m taking plus the Parkinson’s medication. My last visit he saw a improvement in my Parkinson’s.

      1. Hi Ed,
        I haven’t tried these patches yet so I don’t know if they work or not, but I’m wondering how long you used them before you realized they weren’t helping?

  6. today they sent me a sample a will trust in it like the positive people in here. i know i wont be desapointed .

  7. Thank you for writing this. I ran across someone selling these at the fair and was looking for an objective, scientific take on it just like this. I’ve bought into, and then inevitably been disappointed by, too many of these snake oil ‘cures’ in my life, I don’t want anything to do with this. Thanks again.

  8. Personal opinion this individual with credentials may be well served to do credible research! Many incorrect statements are made and hopefully everyone will see through the fact that for some reason he finds it necessary to ditch on something that is CREDIBLE and DOES have the studies! Also, David NEVER stated that Loren Pickart has ever been employed by Lifewave. This is a wonderful product and all would be well served to come to their own conclusion and not listen to someone not able to discern truth!

    1. So tell us what his incorrect statements were. And please cite the studies that you are aware of that have been published in a reputable medical journal. Anyone can do a study on anything (or claim to) so “having studies” doesn’t prove anything.

      1. I have tried every patch they have for three months. What a waste of money. I have both back and neck issues and problems sleeping and their patches had zero effect on me. Everyone should watch the CEO talk about their product. They do not make any medical claims so they are clear from any lawsuits. But their distributors do make medical claims using there testimonial’s. Even the CEO was asked if there are any side effects from the x39 patch and his response was they are working on a peer review of the X39 patch. There are no rigorous peer review medical journals on any of their products. The CEO has no intention to perform one outside his own company.

        Of course he says he’s working on structured water that will help you live up to 200 years. Just watch all his YouTube videos. Think about that, who would make a claim that they are working on “Structure Water” helping you live to 200 years.

        Just think about it, if it worked as good as they claim it would be selling like hotcakes.

    2. Where is the “credible” research by this patch company? This person is stating he did NOT find any peered-review or scientific articles that have studied the effectiveness of these patches. I’m going with the person who knows about research vs someone who simply says the patches work for many

      1. Clive Brent Hitchens

        Let me assure you , they have studied this and lab tests and human tests and I can honestly say it works…. This is the most amazing thing that has come into our world
        And honestly the works has changed so much no need for all the old draconian bull…
        I can tell you from my experience this WORKS

        1. I’ve been using x39 for two weeks and noticed the 20 year old benign lesions on my face are receding. That’s nice, but no one will answer my questions: do the patches actually help in regenerating tissue? I have SCDS, a condition where the small bone on my semi circular canal in my inner ear is too thin making me dizzy. AND the people I do talk to act like someone at a Tupperware party trying to get their sales up haha..

            1. Wait and see what the Rapture does. If you miss it then yuck. If you’re gone in the twinkle of an eye, then glorious and heavenly body.

              1. the rapture is not Biblical and is a 18th century invention based on erroneous scripture interpretation. So there’s that…

            2. Fortunately for those of us that know how to increase telemerase activity, promote angiogenesis, etc, we are already proving that statement incorrect

          1. Once your stem cells are activated they will go to whatever part of the body needs healing. They are a blank slate and replace damaged cells. Who cares about studies If the product works… As long as it’s working keep using it

        2. Don’t assure me, show me the results of the studies and test results to prove they were even done, again, where are the facts?

          1. If placebo works for my achy shoulder and chronic fatigue syndrome I would continue purchasing Lifewave x patches for 100 USD per month

            1. I live with chronic illness, chronic pain, and traumatic brain injury. A friend told me about this product. Please let me know how it’s working?

          2. Isn’t that the truth? Mind over matter – and we pay thousands in medical care for unneeded drugs, surgeries, etc. if a 100.00 patch works for you – I say “go with it”. Just think – wear that patch with pride because you can train yourself to believe you feel no pain – and what is wrong with that?

        3. I agree.. I have no insurance. I’M 50 years old, 34 years server/bartending .The service industry can’t afford it NO INSURANCE. My hip goes out!
          3 days of x39..!
          no pain.. no ibuprofen.. no Tylenol..
          Tell me another plan in this economy?

          1. Hi Tamiko,
            Can you tell me where you installed your patches on your body for your hip? I only see on line the only places they ask you install the patches is right below our belly button and on the back of your neck. No other answers can I find.
            I have pains and problems in my lower back. What advice do you have? Thank you,

            Fred Becker

    3. Wholeheartedly agree rosemary, these things are amazing and for those that are too afraid to try it… You’re the ones missing out

  9. Good morning Dr. Knorpfler,

    Thanks for the information. Do you think electromagnetic or non-electromagnetic waves can affect a person who received mri contrast dye?

    Thank you again!

    1. Yes, hello Dr. Knoepfler – I too would like to know what JiYoung is asking above……… Any additional thoughts on PEMF therapy like the iMRS? Thanks!

  10. Michael Gorback MD

    I’m having deja vu. I’m a retired pain specialist and I recall the magnet fad. People just couldn’t seem to get enough of them. They even sold magnetic mattress covers.

    I was inundated with MLM magnet sales people. I finally announced “magnet day” at my office. I didn’t schedule any patient visits, which was costly to me.

    The magnet sellers met with any patients who were interested. They gave instructions and provided magnets.

    There was one proviso: the magnets were provided for free. Anyone who didn’t return the magnets within 10 days had to purchase them.

    100% of the magnets were returned.

    I was on the IRB at Duke University for several years. I was also on the editorial board of a well-known journal. I have a rather thorough acquaintance with the proper design and execution of medical studies.

    I have read the papers cited here and see nothing at all that establishes clinical efficacy. The paper on GHK-Cu levels was a joke. If that came across my desk for review I would have absolutely opposed publication.

    However, lack of evidence is not evidence of lack. That is, just because you can’t prove doesn’t mean it’s false. However it doesn’t make it true either. That means there’s either a true clinical effect or a placebo effect but without blinded randomized prospective studies there’s no way to know. It should be noted that in blinded prospective trials of antidressants the placebo response can be as high as 40%. In studies of neuropathy or fibromyalgia it can be as high as 66%.

    Given the high placebo response rates it’s not surprising to see a lot of supporters. However, the plural of “story” is not “data”. They’re stories. Some of the anecdotes here defy belief, as the clinical response was far too fast to repair the claimed damage.

    So I’ll take a pass on this but if it makes you happy then go for it. In the meantime do some light reading about the Revigator, OxyDonor, Radithor, the SpectroChrome, the scarificator, Richardson’s Magneto Galvanic Battery Pendant, Davis and Kidder’s Magneto-Electric Machine and Kellogg’s Vibrating Chair. This is just a fraction of what has been tried, some with lethal consequences such Eben Byers horrible death from drinking Radithor.

    1. If it works. It works. Nobody cares if the paper was written well or if there’s enough fancy science behind it. People want results.

      1. Simon Narramore


        I’m a Registered Osteopath in the UK. Obviously I have an interest in pain management among other things. I quite happily admit I have no expertise in the field of stem cells so it has to be try it and see. I’m not going to recommend them until I’ve tried them and satisfied they work. So far I’ve used them for 10 days. I would say I’m sleeping better. I wake with no aches and pains whereas before I was a bit of a creaky old man. My energy levels have improved which is a big bonus for me as I’ve had CFS 36 years. I’m 60 now. The information on the patches is that they’ll work fully if you use them for one month for every 10 years of life so I supposedly need to use them 6 months for them to work fully. After 90 days you get a money back guarantee on your first order so they must be confident they work. My big bugbear with them is the MLM. A hated form of selling here in the UK. However, if you’re not looking to make money from them and just to get cheaper patches it could be worth doing. So in conclusion, try for a month and if they don’t work get your money back

        1. This is a 30 day moneyback guaranteed not a 90 day moneyback guarantee. Just wanted to clarify what you were stating. I’ve been on the patches going on six months and they have greatly impacted my life!! I know personally several people who have use the patches and have had success. How can a company go from 20 million to almost 400,000,000 in about two years, if the patches don’t work!!!

        2. My wife is very interested in this. Your update would be invaluable to us. Please let us know what your conclusions are.

        3. My concern liines up with Simo ‘s concern that this is an MLM approach to selling these patches. My contention is if you can earn money selling “ANYTHING” you can vouch for the validity of that product.

          My professional work has been in the area of infection prevention, not stem cells. But, I gave donecresearch and understand the verasity of clinical trials. I believe in them as they validate products etc for safe use. The promotion of these patches falls very short of being more yhan a money maker for someone who is excellent in sales

          No patches for me!

        4. What is wrong with getting money from the patches while helping others…isn’t that what you do as a Osteopath? I know a lot of people in the MLM business in the UK so apparently not all feel the same way. What I have found is that the people who claim to hate MLM’s don’t really know anything about them including the founder of LifeWave. It wasn’t until he was educated on MLM’s did he see the true benefit of this selling modality and now fully embraces the community. I personally love helping people achieve better health while helping their financial goals as well. What could be more rewarding?

      2. if these things are simply placebo amplifiers, they are quite costly. a person looking for help can be hurt even more by losing hundreds of dollars. these are dangerous and unethical ways of approaching business. you’re basically saying to ppl that didn’t get results, “you didn’t believe enough”, which is insane. along with many of the other religious comments here lol.

        people also want reliable products. you have no reason to defend such an airy concept.

        it working for some people, who may also be doing many other lifestyle improvements at the same time, as is often the case of people doing complimentary/alternative healthcare, is not at all reliable or a reason to defend a product. you have no reason to say such a rudimentary or ignorant thing, or be dismissive of “big pharma”. anything can have an unintended side effect, for many reasons, and that’s also why stringent product testing is important, not only for understanding the science, but protecting consumers.

    2. I stumbled on this page because I was researching LifeWave patches… a friend told me about them, and I wanted more info before making the investment. Your comment only made me want to try the patches more. Years ago, I purchased a 3-magnet set (as a customer, not as an MLM distributor). Per instructions given to me by the seller, I placed 2 magnets on either side of my knee and secured it with an ace bandage. The next day, I had NO PAIN in my knee (a knee that hurt so bad I could barely walk on it)! The pain stayed away. Every few years, I’ll reinjure the knee, and using the same strategy, the magnets disappear the pain in just a few hours. So… now I’m wondering if I might get the same phenomenal results from a LifeWave patch. I think I might give it a try. After all, there’s a 90-day money back guarantee. And, if it works half as well as those magnets, I won’t be asking for my money back. Thanks for your share 🙂

  11. Thank you for your article. It is possible at all to share what the dangers of a product like this might be?

    1. @Ellen,
      Great question.

      It’s hard to say based on the info I can find.

      A lot depends on whether the product does activate stem cells strongly in the body. Anything that can do that could in theory potentially do unwanted things as well.

      For what it’s worth I don’t see people reporting many issues on the web.

      Maybe an allergic reaction to the patch itself is possible like how some people’s skin doesn’t like even band-aids.

      1. Don’t take this the wrong way (you will, just try not to…), but when you’re putting so much effort into empathizing the, “no peer reviewed studies”, no double blind placebo blah blah blah, to me it’s just that, blah blah blah… It’s not a drug, it doesn’t require it. In the supplement world, it’s real simple – you try it, and if it works for you, GREAT! And if it doesn’t, you simply stop taking it. Personally, I SWEAR by it, it only took me a week to get there. I’m 60, and I weight train harder than most people in their 20s. Unfortunately, I over did it about a year and a half ago, resulting in tears in both of my shoulders, adding to other problems in them that had stayed hidden before that point that I dragged up. I thought my upper body workout days were done, because almost everything you do upper body wise puts pressure on your shoulders. About a week after I started on the patch, I went to the gym for the first time to do an upper body workout. I intentionally went easy regarding my shoulders, but what I immediately noticed was that I was feeling almost no pain in them whatsoever. In each workout after that, I would intentionally put more pressure on my shoulders through the exercises that I was doing, and each time they bothered me less than the workout before. To be clear, I was getting steroid injections in both of my shoulders about every 5 months before this. They barely helped when it came to weight training. After about three upper body workouts, I tried bench pressing again (which is what messed me up in the first place). To give you a legitimate comparison, about 2 weeks before I started on the patches, on the bench press I could only do 135 lb for five reps and then had to stop because my shoulders were killing me. After being on the patches for about 3 weeks, I bench pressed for the first time, and did 135 lb for 15 reps – practically zero pain. For the record, my last steroid shots in my shoulders was like 7 months ago. I have no need now for the shots whatsoever, literally zero.135 for 15 on the bench is not exactly a huge feat for a weightlifter, but it is for a 60 year old who couldn’t hardly do it at all just 5 weeks earlier. I’ve been on the patches for almost 3 months, and tonight I bench pressed 205 lb for five reps, no pain. There’s no debating the benefit of these patches. My workout recovery is SHOCKINGLY quick, to say the least. No matter how hard I work out, those muscle groups are completely recovered within two days! It’s insane. I’m literally TRYING to make myself too sore to work out again 2 days later, and I’m failing at it! I know what I’m saying here sounds ridiculous, but I am literally not exaggerating at all. When I’m in the gym, I feel like I’m 35. I don’t wear out. Furthermore, I have plenty of other people on X39 who have also given me great testimonials. Try it, you might like it!!!

        1. Agreed, Barry. The patches have been absolutely life changing for me. I would have paid thousands for the results I’ve gotten for just a few hundred dollars. Doesn’t sound like author here has ever tried it or perhaps is has some motive to debunk something that actually helps people.

          1. So true the medical field does not want you to cure yourself they want you to support the big pharma that’s where they get their money from. So many wont think outside the box.

        2. Barry, amazing changes here, too. So appreciate your reply to this article. Same also for 3 of us using it only 2 months.

        3. These comments give me hope. My mom got one and it’s been helping her chronic neck pain. I’m really stoked to try it as well. Idc if there’s no fancy science behind it. I’ve taken many pills that have fancy science behind it, and they made me sick as ever. Happy to try something without big pharma motives that I hear is giving great results!

          1. There IS science behind it. Research, GHK-Cu and Glutathione. You decide if you want their protections and body benefits. EZ to find & decide.

        4. There is also a lot of effort by “One” group to sell this product. MLM is RED FLAG’S a flying and if the product was everything it was meant to be than 1000’s of retailers would break it down and sell it. Patents are great but they can’t stop age old ingredients from being repackaged.

        5. There have been double and triple blind studies done on the life wave X 39 patches as well as X 49. The research is absolutely there, and it doesn’t state that their stem cell patches. It states that the CHK- CU peptide activates the production of your own stem cells.

        6. james douglas robertson

          Barry, You give me hope. I too am an athlete. I am a lifelong runner, 66 years old now. Only problem I had a massive heart attack at age 38. In my 40’s I was a running machine, got slower in my 50s, in my 60s still running until ventricular tachycardia, a big time dangerous arrhythmia laid aside all my exercise plans. Now finally getting clearance to run again. After 50 years of regular running i cant tell you how much i missed it. I have an ejection fraction of 35%, which is a bad cardiac output number. And yet I am running 4.5 miles on treadmill at 10 minute pace at cardiac rehab. But things still aren’t right. Your testimony gives me hope. Thank you. I was too scared to try X39 till I read your specifics. Thank you for hope.

      2. @professor:
        I was also wondering if anything BAD could happen to me if I tried it. What would these “unwanted things” be? I realize a detox of sorts could occur, but that doesn’t actually HARM my body. An allergic reaction, ok. But with all the testimonies of people actually being PAIN FREE, unless there are long term negative effects that you can tell us, what is the negative potential of at least trying it, if someone is experiencing pain that NOTHING else has helped? I’m a sceptic, as well as others here, but I wanted more from you on possible damage to my body. Thanks.

    2. Carmen T D'Amore

      Dr, I find your article very interesting, although, I would respectfully ask you “Have you personally tried this Lifewave x39 patch?” I am a believer that one should try the product instead of writing about. I look forward to a report from you after you have tried the product. Thank you.

        1. Yes they are, not everybody is meant to heal or get the healing. The people that want healing that have no hope will try but people like this right ally before they even try.

    3. Shannon McCarthy

      I have horrible migraines. I’m trying the patch. Though I don’t understand how the patch will make my stem cells revive. I just want it to work.

  12. Andrew Annor Apo

    Professor, I am sorry you got this all wrong. Thousand of testimonials cannot be placebo. X39 works for the majority who have used it. I suggest you get to the lab and create something meaningful for society instead of running someone’s hard work down.

  13. Professor Knoepfler,

    I respect and appreciate your article and research based opinion on this company’s product and claims, especially since you are a stem cell biologist. I also appreciate the feedback from those who have had positive and/or negative experiences with the product.

    All of this information (if honest) can only ‘help’, those deciding, make an informed decision on whether to try it or not. However, what I do not understand, Professor Knoepfler, are those few responding to your review in what appears to be a negative and accusatory manner, as if one does not have the right to question the efficacy and/or integrity of this product(s) and/or company.

    Now, I do not know if this product works or not, but I do know how MLM works. I have been involved with MLM for over 30 years and had a friend recently share the benefits of this product with my wife and I. The type of language, passion, benefits, and even opportunity surrounding this product is predictable.

    For those who believe in this product and are having a good experience, great. No one can take that from you. Continue to have open, respectable, and fact-based conversations about your experience with the company and their product(s). Do not be like some who respond like the angry child who does not get the response they desire and just takes marbles and goes home.

    My wife and I are in the research stage and will give this company and its product(s) honest consideration. For those who are independent distributors and/or customers, please be helpful and not hurtful to this effort.

    1. The LifeWave patches do work and there are many Telegram groups with over 6,680 members (in English alone) who offer their personal testimonies of how they do work. here is just one testimonial.

      David Schmidt was approached by the US Navy seal team with their dilemma, how to keep SEALS alert long term in submarines. In 2004 the Stanford Olympic swim team wore the Energy Energizer patches. After claims of “drugging” the patches were examined and approved for use. Int he 2008 Olympics over 300 athletes wore the patches. Now, almost ever pro team uses the patches.

      My dear friend believed in a vitamin company for FIFTEEN YEARS. She may more in commissions with LifeWave in 8 months, than all the years combined with the vitamins. I simply “share” information about the LifeWave products and I make commissions every week, without soliciting my friends and family. Best of all, I do NOT need to keep any inventory. However, it is nice to have some of the IceWave pain relief patches on hand. I may happy to send you some personal videos of IMMEDIATE pain relief, because the patches work Bio-electrically and Bio-chemically. Simply go to youtube and search “Horses don’t Lie”.

      1. Elena,
        Can you point me to clinical trials published in strong journals listed in PubMed and registered on that show the patches are safe and effective for specific health conditions?

        Since you are selling the patches it seems you may be biased in their favor.

        1. Thank you, doctor Knoepfler, for keeping this conversation scientific.
          I can feel the emotion oozing from your detractors, here, but I can SEE their inability to cite a single credible study.
          I have also looked into the Navy Seals connection claim. It also smacks of headline/meme-quality “proof”….of absolutely nothing.

        2. If it works why do you have to be like that lol this is attitude right here is why so many people are still sick.

        3. Here is the link where you can see the studies.

          Double-Blind Testing of the Lifewave X39 Patch to Determine GHK-Cu Production Levels
          A double-blind test published in the journal Internal Medicine Research showed a significant increase in copper-peptide concentrations in the blood of subjects who had worn patches X39 patches for 1 week.

          (Editor’s note: Link removed)

            1. Yes sir you are correct, “IT’S YOUR OPINION”, the problem today is the medical matrix is so worried about certain studies connected to various government controlled agencies they cannot see positive effects of people taking control of their own health.

      2. If the United States military “approached” David Schmidt to develop anything useful and effective, they would own it and patent it. It would not suddenly be available to the public. I’ve been in the holistic health industry for over 23 years and am very familiar with specific phrasing manufacturers use to avoid accusations of false claims while also using buzz words to entice customers. Unfortunately, the evidence cited by the company is anecdotal, not clinical. If they had actual clinical studies providing the efficacy, wouldn’t they promote and publish these studies everywhere? I would.

        1. Then your not meant to get any sort of healing like the rest of us, that’s why many of us have just shared ours for free, I got my first 30 for free, and I shared them with my mother. Now I give mine for free and people sign up because they work they never said it was a cure. They said it is your own body that learns how to cure itself. It’s your own body doing the healing not the patch all the patch does is wake up your stem cells so they can multiply, but hey not everyone is met to live a long life. Some of us are meant to age quickly and die a painful death while the rest of us is getting the healing. The only thing that sucks for me is watching people like you stop people from at least trying, you get your money back if it does nothing for you!

  14. I am starting the x39 and I happen to think it is amazing! I am a very organic person with a lot of pain in my body from sports, horses and car accidents. I am on this patch for only 5 days and already my sleep is amazing and my pain is less. I find if anything is good for you everyone has an opinion! Try it yourself and stop listening to all the negativity!

  15. I was also skeptical when I first hear about them. I did a lot of research. David Schmidt has 132 patents. That is incredible. He is not going to get these patents if the product isn’t working as it says. Before I had heard about the patches, I had lost my grip in my left hand. (I am a piano and guitar teacher.) After 9 days of being on X39, I regained full use of my hand. I recently lost 50 lbs, so I had a a lot of extra skin, especially on my neck. In three months of being on X39, the access skin was gone. I looked 10 years younger. I am seeing many people who were struggling with severe pain become pain free. Through the patch(es), our body is healing itself. (Most drugs don’t do that.) It’s worth a try. Especially with a money back guarante

    1. Been treating people with these patches since 2005 with confirmed results. At $3 to $5 a patch with an average treatment being close to ten, and tough cases 120. Most only use them during treatment. That is $30-50 to $360 for amazing results. Many of them I fund one patch at a time. I have no idea why this researcher can not look at the double blind university research done on all the patches at Lifewave. I have been a personal friend of David Schmidt and he is very open to everyone who visits about the research and mechanisms by which these patches work. Stem cell therapy anywhere is amazing and each of these approaches play a unique role in healing. Especially using cells from the discarded placenta cords to harvest MSC cells. I am a computer scientist who worked for Sequana Therapeutics and Digital Gene so I have years of experience reading detailed bio papers. This technology is a great complement to an emerging stem cell treatments. This stem cell patch gets your own body to activate 17 peptides and it is that combination that pushes the cost a bit above $3. Personally, I hate MLM businesses and pass on the product at cost plus tax & shipping if I even charge. Suzanne did work for Lifewave much like any other celebrity.

      1. David, I’m confused reading your response, it doesn’t state whether you have tried the patches or you’re just giving your opinion.

  16. I can understand 2 things about people they can choose to pay for anything and can create justification because of intent. If it will/can make them better, happier, cooler, richer, healthier, prettier, smarter, stronger, In a nutshell, alcohol, dairy, chocolate, sugar, sex, is sold every day by the billions and is unnecessary, right, but we will pay a lot for our feelings. So X95 can exist like Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax. Or Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin, or Soderberg’s Singai63. or Tommy Chongs CBD cure potion.
    or 100s of celeb dogfoods makeup or Honest products (Jen Alba). Everyone everywhere is trying to exist and it takes money. Even being a realtor or a doctor or an engineer is for $$$.Dwayne Johnson sell Tequila ( All booze hurts the body, a fact) but billions are paid everywhere. Michael Jordan sells Cincoro Tequila — for $1800 a bottle, who is he kidding and who is stopping him. Supreme, the ‘iconic’ product brand, a complete ripoff of crap pretentious labeling. So consider 1 thing, Lipstick- unnecessary but no one shames $1000 a month selling it in a store or more. Or sellevangelist Dr. Gundry high priced nutrition supplements wagon??? How do we get thru making weapons, Billion dollar jets, and ships to bomb manipulated humans and worry about a patch vs jewelry or pants of > $300, designer sunglasses, or Appleware, Armani, Stella McCartney Jeans >$1000, Bottega Venetta Pants > $7000. Really how does anything make sense and justification. A Baskin Robbins franchise fee?? there are over 750,000 franchise establishments in the US alone. I must stop.

  17. Sandra Hardcastle-Taylor

    I have read through all of these comments and find them interesting. I’m 75, have fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuropathy, gerds and so on. Have been using the LifeWave patches now since May 2022. First, patching isn’t like taking a drug or medication. You don’t feel an instant change or affect. Your body is repairing. It takes time. In the first week, two weeks, maybe even three weeks, you may have headaches, but those will go away. It is a type of detox. And if you have ever gone on a detox diet, you will recognize the symptoms. Secondly, the patches should be used correctly. Using the right patches and placing on the right pressure points will maximize the body response. Each patch has a different job and requires optimal placement. X39 and X49 is easy. The Aeon is for pain and you may need help for placing those (there are 2 of them). The other patches Glutathione, Carnosine, and Energy are for exactly as described. A year ago, I couldn’t hold a deck of cards or walk my dogs. Now I play bridge once a week and walk dogs daily. At 75, and a realtor, I still work 6, sometimes 7 days a week. Do I think the LifeWave patches work? What do you think?!

    1. Thank you Sandra. I’m a Parkinson’s patient with various and sundry symptoms including pain, muscle spasms, cramping, stiffness, weakness, low energy, high fatigue, tremors, to name a few. I also have chronic spinal pain due to bulging and herniated disc, stenosis, and neuropathy. There’s more, but that’s enough. I was a real estate broker for over 20 years, until onset of PD and Lewy Body dementia in my late 50s.
      I’ve been cynical of x39 though have known of it for awhile. My MS buddy uses it and sings it’s praises. What convinced you to give it a shot?

    2. I’ve got SCDS, a condition of the inner ear thinning. Lots of symptoms. I won’t go into details but I’m starting x39 in a couple days and I’m excited. I’m 76 and have old geezer issues besides SCDS. So even if it doesn’t work on my inner ear, I’m sure it’ll beef up my kidneys and get rid of all the old man lesions on my body. I’ve heard nothing but good about patches.

    3. Hello, I’m also a FMS/CF sufferer. I’m in the research phase for Lifewave products. I’m on some specific meds for the pain and would like to get off them. I also take Lyrica, Cymbalta, etc. none of which are very effective and cause other problems. Now Big Pharma and the government are making it very difficult for people like me to obtain these medicines because of the overdosing of people who abuse opioids. At 76 I have osteoarthritis, bulging discs, facets syndrome. I’ll stop there because I probably don’t have enough room to keep going. I appreciate your testimony regarding this product and will be following your progress. Please reach out to me personally if you wish.

  18. These patches have changed my life. I suffered from long covid and then a heart attack in 2020 … I could barely move off of the couch for almost two years. My family thought I would never be normal again. After trying the patches for five days … I began returning to my normal self. No more long covid symptoms. Now I have my energy back. I sleep all through the night. No more brain fog, my skin looks younger. I don’t need to prove to anyone. It’s working for me and that’s all that matters. Too bad for the naysayers … they are missing out.

  19. My massage therapist stepson, who also teaches massage as a ft instructor at a local community college, just bought a Bronze membership with Lifewave, thru a friend who is also a MT (and who gets 20% of my kid’s purchases from this MLM), has his mom and me on these patches. For me, it’s just the Aeon patch but for my wife (his mom) she has had two X39 stem cell patches in two days. And my normally energetic wife (66 years old) has been bed ridden since yesterday with severe migraines. Me? I have noticed I need to drink more water.

    My kid’s friend who is very positive about this product, told us my wife got the migraines because of detoxifying.

    I think any benefit derived from these patches are placebo effects.

  20. Thanks a lot Professor Knoepfler for your opinions. I spent 2 hours in trying to understand if I should Trust&Try Lifewave, and my personal conclusion is no. Not for me, thanks.

    Those products or technologies were launched in 2004. If they really were that miraculous as advertised, everybody would know by now.

    Reward program are very tempting for distributors.

    Awards listed do not look anything scientific to me, some where even given before 2004.

    Global Endorsers are unknown or not meaningful to me.

    I checked UC Davis School of Medicine actually exists, you actually work there and you have been on Ted Talk. This is for me enough to trust you more than Jimmy, Johnny, Jumbo or Dumbo.

    Again, thank you Professor Knoepfler

    1. Claire Corroon

      LifeWave original patches were energy patches developed to help Navy Seals during lengthy assignments. It was in 2019 after years of scientific research that X39 was developed. LifeWave is a global company in over 70 countries. This opinion is from someone who has not tried the product or really read the hundreds of scientific studies available. It’s easy to demote something you don’t understand but as a client who could not lift my arm for 5 months after torn rotator cuff surgery which resulted in a severe frozen shoulder. I finally got full range of motion after using X39 for a week and pain level went from a10 to a 3. Am grateful someone shared with me and helped me. Two months of PT were useless and even more painful.

      1. Where did you place the patch for your turn rotator cuff, and which one did you use ? Thsnk6 you

    2. The X39 patch is only a few years old. There are people all around the world singing its praises. You need to understand something about “standard medical care” – it’s an industry, just like any other, whose end goal is to make money. Good luck getting someone who’s in the “standard” medical industry to say something good about a competitor product that’s not in their club, it’ll almost never happen. If you try something like this and it works for you, it quite frankly lessens your dependence on the doctors and “standard medicine”, which means they make less money. Read that sentence again and again until you understand it, because it’s 100% accurate. There aren’t many low income doctors in this country, are there?

      1. Joseph Plumeri

        Boom ! No money for Big Pharma, and prescription writing doctors if you have alternatives to their responsibility to make profits for shareholders. So only an FDA approved drug can cure a disease, nothing natural. Pathetic

  21. Dear Professor Knoepfler,
    I have done educational research and understand that without all of the things you mentioned (IRB approval for the study, disclosures, conflicts of interest declaration, funding, etc.) the research results appear rigged. Because you are a scientist, I earnestly (no sarcasm – I mean this) hope you continue to study theses patches and find out why on Earth they work. I have been in chronic pain for 7 years. I have had injections and ablations that I thought were going to work, but I was disappointed. When I had surgery, I kept a FB journal of my “before, during the hospital stay, and after surgery.” I was oozing with positivity throughout the journey, giving a thumbs up signal as they wheeled me into surgery. Yet, I did not have positive outcomes.

    On the contrary, for the patches, no one could have been more skepticle! I got them because a freind suggested I try them, I did not think I had much to lose, and there was a money back guarantee. I have been wearing the X39 and Aeon patches for about a week. Because of the reasons you mentioned, I feel ridiculous telling you that I am amazed! Never ever did I think I would feel this good again. I thought about the placebo effect but I could never maintain it for days… maybe a couple of hours, but never days. I am energetic, my pain has been reduced by at least 50%, I have decreased my medication, and feel better than I have in years. I began noticing less pain on the second day and thought it might be the weather (dampness and cold affect me). I continued to feel better each day and then, we had rain. Although there was one area that acted up a bit, the pain remained well over 50% less than usual and my renewed energy and overall wellness continued.

    So, how can I explain this? I want to put them on everyone I know who is struggling with chronic pain or other ailments and say, “Hey, try this!” You can’t help but want to share them. Yet, I am still wondering, “How is this possible?” So, I am asking you, a scientist, to continue – do not stop. I want to know why I feel this good! Have you tried them? There’s a 30-day money back guarantee. Please try them (X39 and Aeon is what I have)! No kidding – for the sake of science. I will look for your future posts.

    1. I share your history of injections and ablations (multiple) that may or may not last more than a few weeks for injections and months for the ablations. Thank you for your review. I will be trying the X39 out as soon as I can obtain them.

  22. Do not try if you dont like the patch. For those who are desperate to try anything to get well and feel better you can try the patch and see if you have a positive effect. The company will refund your expenses if you dont like the product- from what ive read on their website. I tried x39 and glutathione. This is my 45th day. I can sleep better at night and have stop taking melatonin for sleep. I can take a placebo effect, just like taking vitamins which im not sire if it has an effect or not, im just taking it for security blanket. So as long as im not asking a dime from anyone else, im ok with it. Did anyone of us got a 100% cure of covid? None:) its the same thing as any intervention, it can work with one person and it might not work for the other person.. So maybe just look for some cure and make your own meds/interventions and maybe we can try your meds or intervention and be happy about it. You can market it and maybe we will buy it

    1. Perfect CLINT !!
      What about the full length “research” that wasn’t made by FDA and other scientifically named organizations towards the C19 vaccines?? So many questions without answers!
      And all the horrible side effects so many people struggled and some still are? Besides the deaths that are not accounted…

  23. I read through all the testimonials and listened to several people on YouTube including some that I have known and trusted for a few years now. The positive reviews well outweigh any semblance of negativity toward the product. I’m baffled by your insistence on denouncing their effectiveness. I’ve read all your responses to the positive responses and they’re so one sided and harsh. What is motivating you to do this? Before reading your side of things, I was about try it out. Are you being paid to bring this company down? Surely, powers such as the pharmaceutical industry have much to lose when it comes to alternative medicine. A cured patient is a customer lost eh doctor?

    1. @Michael,
      Overall here on The Niche I’m just shining some light on products that make stem cell-related claims and as a stem cell biologist I’m very skeptical of many things being sold these days. I have no affiliation or connection with any Pharma companies. In fact, some biotechs and even Pharma firms are working to produce stem cell or other cell therapy products too and I write about those as well. Some are very promising, but other are not. So it’s not hard to find articles I’ve written that are critical of such firms. Sometimes it’s not necessarily their product in development that’s the issue but how they’ve hyped it.


        I notice you don’t try to contact the company or talk to the inventor who holds the patent. Seems like a scientific starting point. If you were investigating someone’s claims to make a fuel that improves gas mileage you wouldn’t just look up reports. Youd look at their research talk to the developer. It looks like you want to do good but lets be honest with out a scientific conversation between you and the developer it just looks like you are howling at the moon. Imagine the benefit you could provide with a conversation, you could debunk or prove this products efficacy

    2. I am not the person you are addressing above, but this was my experience with a patch twice: I went to a spirit fair and felt fine. one was put on my neck where I had a pinched nerve and I immediately got very dizzy and my head started hurting all across the front. 3 nights later, I tried it once more at the top center of my head where I was long ago injured and have intermittent
      pain for decades -when I went to bed. It was on for 4 hrs til I was awakened by a strong headache so I removed it. It’s now 5 days later and intermittently I have strong pain there still and had not had any pain there for eons before that patch going on.

      1. OMG! 😳 Thank you for sharing this. I thought I was crazy. I have been using the X39 Stem Cell patches and have had headaches EVERYDAY😫 In the damn trash they go😡🤬

        1. It is important to wear x39 in the daytime when we can drink alot of water. Be aware that some people do experience detox symptoms such as a headache. This is a good sign that the body is cleansing. If necessary, build up to the recommended 12 hours on/12 hours off.

          1. It’s hard to imagine that headaches are a good sign for use of a health care-related device.

            This “cleansing” claim reminds of when stem cell clinics said it was a good thing when their customers got fevers after stem cell injections. They also said “this is a sign that it is working.” Actually, no. It’s a side effect.

            1. This also reminds me of the ridiculous statement “feeling flu like symptoms after covid jab means the vaccine is working“🤣🤣🤣 the worse the symptoms- the “better your immune system is responding “ yet all the experts parroted that with conviction

        2. Gwendolyn J Boyd

          Seems to me that it’s not a placebo if symtoms are occuring even a headache, detoxification makes sense; I am curently reviewing all the research and I am very interested in this product as it may prove of great benefit to my patients- big pharma can afford the big grade A studies. As a doctor of physical therapyc we have used light therapy as a modality for years at a targeted treatment site. This mechanism of reflecting our own natural infra-red light back into our system and creating a chemical response is mind-boggling. It is well excepted that UV photons enter the skin and create a chemical response and unltimately the formation of Vit D3. I am impressed that evidenced based studies have been done. Follow the guidelines for the use of this product first.. I will and try it soon, can’t wait!

      2. Sadly you were not informed of the need to drink half your body weight in ounces of water! Cells are mostly water and in order to reactivate your cells properly, your body needs water. The head ache you experienced was a result of the body trying to do the work but not having the water sources to draw from.

        At age 71, my cells are wonderfully reactiving and I’m experiencing so many amazing benefits: renewed energy, weight loss, no longer need to wear my reading glasses, wonderful hair and skin changes! Cognitive changes are great! And I watched my husband come back to life…all in a few short

        1. Love your comment. I’m 76 and have an inner ear problem, SCDS. I’m starting x39 in a couple days. When you said you don’t need reading glasses, that only enforced my faith in these patches. Thanx

        2. Frances Davenport

          Shelia, you mention your husband is using them too. My partner has difficulty with ED, neuropathy pain in his feet, and extreme shoulder pain. I haven’t seen any discussion about ED and sorry, because of your age, I’m asking if that was a problem before the patch and if using the patches has made any difference. Sorry for the extremely personal question and thank you

      3. The X39 patches are ment to be used in the day time and you are to drink lots of water. You can start by wearing for only a couple of hours and only remove half the cover on the patch (don’t cut it in half) and increase up to 12 hrs a day overtime and using the whole patch. 7a to 7p etc. Remove before going to bed.

  24. Why no discussion of possible negative side effects from these patches? Nothing is ever 100% effective. I put on one patch early a.m. and began to feel dizzy and light headed so I called to arrange returning them. Didn’t work for me.

      1. It’s amazing how the commentor links the very article you reviewed and doesn’t realize it. You never said this product was bad; you asserted that its claims, and the science it offers to support or explain them, don’t add up. You’re simply showing why you’re skeptical, and yet all these folks make it seem you’re attacking the makers of these patches. Folks, Prof. Knoepfler is simply giving everyone a heads up that all is not as it should be. If the patch works for you, and you don’t need an explanation why, continue on. If you’re like me, skeptical of everything and everyone, continue your own research and come to your own conclusion without vilifying someone offering food for thought.

    1. I was introduced to X39. I had no energy and suffers from heel spur. I find the patch helpful. I feel more energetic and my heel spur’s pain has lessened by over 50 percent. I will continue using the X39 patch.

  25. Here is my experience with them: I used them fairly regularly for a few months and did not notice anything spectacular. I stopped using them for 2-3 months. In the last two weeks or so, I started again. This time using them (both x39 and x49) every other day: One day zero patches, the next day both. The results are that on the days of using them, my energy and mental clarity are much, much higher. I would say spectacularly so; And, no, I am not trying to sell the product and I do not work for the company.

    1. Richard Bruce Carlock

      I want to respond to the author of this opinion Paul Knoepfler, a professor, Phd. (this is the only way I see to respond to this blog).
      For starters your “research” is shoddy at best and most of your comments are anecdotal. Apparently you have overlooked this double blind study in 2021 performed by 6 independent researchers.
      Here is the Google scholar reference
      This is a double blind study of 60 subjects.

      Conclusion: This study showed a significant increase in the GHK-Cu concentration present in the blood as a result of wearing the LifeWave X39 patch
      for 1 week in individuals age 40 to 80. This is seen from Day 2 to Day 7 between Active vs. Control in GHK-Cu Concentration (ng/ml) at p<0.035 and in
      Total GHK-Cu (ng) at p<0.03.

      I don't know how this blogger and the readers view science but I side with real researchers who conducted a double blind study with these conclusive results. Clearly you used the wrong search words or you ignored real research to blog your opinion which is unsupported by real scientific testing done 2 years ago. You will also find several studies in addition to the above quoted in google scholar citation. .

      1. @Richard,
        That paper on the study you referenced appears to be non-peer reviewed. I also do not see any listing of IRB approval for the clinical study and do not see the study listed on The paper does not mention any disclosures and has no conflicts of interest declaration. How was it funded? Did Lifewave have a role in funding it or pay the authors in some way? I’m skeptical of that study on many levels.

        1. Richard Carlock

          I appreciate this conversation professor.
          You stated “Unfortunately, I was not able to find any other science-based reviews of these patches to cite.
          And yet voila – here it is. Yet I was able to find this science-based study in minutes and it’s been out there for two years Admit it, Professor your investigation was superficial. I’d score your paper a C minus since you have very little fact basis in your expose.
          And The reader should keep in mind that this is a double blind study. Of five independent researchers. You can’t cheat the results with a double blind study. That fact can’t be denied.

        2. I find the information on the Lifewave website very confusing. They claim that nothing gets absorbed into the body from the patches— that the patches work by reflecting body heat into acupuncture points. THEN there are studies like the one the OP shared that showed that copper increases in the blood— which would indicate to me that copper IS being absorbed into the bloodstream. Plus, there appear to me no PEER REVIEWED papers.


        The papers are not peer-reviewed What a lazy answer. I bet you listen to the news all the time and believe most to all of it all of the time, its not peer reviewed. You are a peer go review it

        1. IRB/Peer review don’t work that way. They are systems (checks and balances) put into place from the beginning of the study to prevent biases, ensure clean data (double blind is actually double blind), and protect subjects from harm. A “peer” cannot peer review the paper post publication, but may have a critical eye for missing information. Funding source is often an ethical issue – I can pay someone with many titles/or donate to Universities to “prove” outcomes in my/my company’s favor… it is simply why IRB and peer review exist. Non-IRB approved/peer reviewed papers can hold water and lead to more serious inquiry to duplicate studies using IRB?peer review processes.

          An analogy would be if I put all my favorite relatives (who do not share my last name) on my resume. My experience becomes surface level.

  26. Hey, folks ever hear of the mitochondria in our cells that produce 90% of our body’s energy? Did you know that they conduct electrons along a carbon scaffold? Do you think maybe improved more bio-available copper might conduct electrons better?

    My old van has an electric module that requires a certain current threshold to shift gears. It takes more rpms generating more energy in the alternator to shift gears than it used to. Same deal with patches and mitochondria – increase output by reducing resistance and you get more ATP energy out the other end. No placebo here just citizen science.
    The patches take us to a new, nonprescription paradigm. Lifewave patches do a good job of managing many symptoms well through mitochondrial enhancement – stem cell production being one of them.
    These patches are too good to be true for some people. Others find them good enough to be true to the products and the results. Maybe the patches are doing good for our mitochondria. Maybe they are helping the mitochondria produce more energy in the marvelous system that is more than just anatomy.

    Information and energy are the new frontier. Biophotons and microcurrents are kicking it in the second and third paradigms beyond the body as an anatomical machine.

    Take the time, the first ten minutes at least and consider Doug C. Wallace’s NIH video A Mitochondrial Etiology of Metabolic and Degenerative Diseases

    1. These papers/studies are all biased and funded by LifeWave or divisions there of. Not reliable or founded research.

    2. None of these are peer-reviewed and published in legitimate journals— which is the way legit science is done in order to protect against false claims.

  27. What are the risks? i’m 39 and would like to have a child. I’m also worried about cancer risk, like ovarian and breast cancer risk. Could this harm me?? The author says there are risks with stem cells – what exactly did they mean?

    1. @Laura,
      From all the reading I did the potential risks are not clear. However, anything that activates stem cells (assuming these patches actually do that in a strong way) could present other risks like activating mutant cells too or causing unwanted tissue growth. I’m somewhat skeptical about how strongly these patches activate very many stem cells though. I believe they most likely do nothing very positive or negative.

      1. All I know is from day one, I haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager. I gives me hope that I can live without constant pain. And that’s a blessing

        1. Why not contact Mr. David Schmidt and ask for an appointment to meet with him as you have many questions on how these patches work. Let him know you are “cell and molecular biologist” interested in reviewing the X39 and X49 patches. Be serious and professional in your approach for the appointment and should you get it, maintain the same. This way you get true accurate information and stop hunting around reading articles of other peoples “opinions”.

      1. And yet, when you go to their website, there are white papers which seem to indicate that the patches DO increase copper in the bloodstream. It is not at all clear from their website whether or not things are absorbed into the bloodstream from the patches.

  28. Did you also see, while doing your research, that LifeWave has been… might still be… under class action review for “unsubstantiated claims” and “MLM malpractice”. For me, if it sounds too good to be true and it costs a ridiculous amount, it’s probably not a good idea. Well, except for those at the top of the MLM chain.

    1. Ronnie Humphrey

      I would suggest you try them. They work wonders on me and for $100.00 a month, I feel great.

    2. I concur. Did any of you all notice that the President of LW, Staci Holweger, indicates on her LinkedIn profile that she is a Doctor of Quantum Integrative Medicine? The educational background she details does not include M.D. or PhD credentials.

  29. This patch has copper in it. Copper helps the thyroid convert T4 to T3. T3 give you energy. Copper helps promote collagen production. Copper helps the body absorb iron. Copper is correlated with increases in estrogen levels. Copper and Zinc compete, so taking too much Zinc will decrease the body’s ability to use Copper. Zinc is present in more food sources than Copper and multivitamins often contain Zinc without Copper. Elemental copper found in the environment is not very bioavailable, so it may be beneficial to try a supplement from the store (copper sulfate) based on the Dietary Reference Intake Daily Value for similar results as the X39 form of Copper. I am not sure how similar results would be, because I have never heard of this form of Copper.

    1. Briana, how does the copper enter your body? The patches are advertised as non-transdermal.

        1. In her opening sentence, “This patch has copper in it. Copper helps the thyroid convert T4 to T3. T3 give you energy.” Briana clearly thinks copper enters the body from the patch.

        2. Claire Corroon

          No patches are non-transdermal…. Proprietary formula ignites the gHK-Cu peptide in your body through process of phototherapy

    2. Richard Plantan

      The patch does not have copper in it.what the patch has is certain light frequencies which goes onto the skin and causes the body to produce copper peptide which in turn causes stem cell production and rejuvenation .

    3. Richard Carlock

      No copper in the patch. The patch forms, a light frequency not from the heat of your body but from infrared light emitted by our bodies that is reflected back into the body at a specific light frequency That stimulates the copper peptide GHK-CU. Think of it this way, our bodies use photo modulation when we generate vitamin D from exposure to the sun. The sun doesn’t have vitamin D in it, but it does have a light frequency which stimulates vitamin D within our bodies. So our bodies are already doing this, but if we change the light frequency, we can stimulate other peptides.

    4. Sorry, but your statement is incorrect!! The patch is transdermal, which means nothing enters the body, which includes copper!! Also, there’s no copper in the patch!!! It’s a shame when people post things, and they have no idea what they’re talking about!! it appears that there are several people on this post that have no idea what you’re talking about!!!

    5. What do you know about sulfate? You may want to research what it means, and what it does to the body. Understanding the difference between natural sulfate and man-made sulfate… I would prefer not to put sulfates in my body based on facts!! I wish you well.

  30. I agree that I don’t see the proof for this product. But the reason people believe this kind of thing is that so many are so desperate for some kind of realistic hope. All we are getting is over the top media claims from non-scientists. So the actual scientists need to step up and say “Here’s a realistic timeline for when xyz treatment for xyz condition actually MIGHT be available”. Statements like this could be followed by every disclaimer on earth, but at least it would be something. Somebody who actually has the expertise, somewhere, needs to do this. It isn’t the first time I’ve said something like this, but as long as it isn’t happening, I’m going to keep saying it.

      1. It does work. All I know is
        That I had debilitating knee pain, had gel shots that did nothing for the pain to the tune of 6000.00. I would
        Wake up every hour and now I sleep through the night and can walk without pain. I will spend $99.00 a month for

        1. Richard Plantan

          If you listen to Dr. Knoepler your improvements are all in your head and you should stop using the patches and continue to be in alot of pain. Great advice.

        2. Did you use only the X39 or other patches too?
          I have bone on bone ankle arthritis and trying to be able to walk without pain -no surgery😱

          1. I started the X39 today after being in pain for 23 years with fibromyalgia, a severe neck injury, back injury, spinal nerve injury, 23 years of severe migraines, Lupus, anther some other medical issues. I’ve tired everything dozens of physical therapist, pain management, Chiropractors, acupuncture, acupressure, injections, Botox for the migraines, massage therapy, changing my diet, and I am a very healthy eater, the only thing I haven’t done is surgery and opiates. I have several friends who swear by X39 so I thought what do I have to to lose. So here I am at day one and will track my day, I will report if I feel any improvement, Keep in mind I am in pain 24 hours a day, and have migraine at least 3-4 days a week. I hope if you try the patches it works for you. Its was recommended that I only needed the X39.

              1. Bernie, try them. Go to the person that told you about them. Follow the instructions. My PT was surprised my minor miniscus tear healed in a very quick timeframe.

      2. 1 month into using Lifewave X39, Aeon & one other patch. Physical symptoms worse than before I began. They say the 1st few weeks or more will put you into a detoxifying phase. Either these aren’t working or I have a lot of toxins in my body that need to be eliminated (which is what Lifewave states when you first begin using them).

        1. I’m a brain injury survivor — I noticed as I build up my time wearing X39, the worse part of my impact of my injury became irritated. Rotating the patch, one day below belly button I had no issues and on the days I wore my patch behind my neck, my old injury would feel different. I feel like it was remolding the scare tissue damage — I almost stopped wearing the patch behind my neck, but I pushed through and thankful I did! Drinking plenty of water during my detox period helped me so much. I am thankful a friend shared a patch with me, my quality of life has improved; TBI, gallbladder removed, depression, arthritis, memory issues, energy, stamina, sleep, PTSD, smoother skin, etc and I’m just on month 4 of patching! 30 day money back – why not try something different?!! I’ve noticed I feel slightly worse before all the good arrives, I keep patching and don’t plan to ever stop!

  31. The FDA is a “claims made” regulatory body. If a company claims their product “activates stem cells” then the FDA will regulate the company based on that claim. So, I expect if enough complaints are filed there will be a FDA “Letter” going out to this company just like the FDA has sent out to many other companys making incredible medical claims with no scientific data. Unfortunately there are no significant penalties to these companies so this will continue to happen. I find no public evidence of any sort that Lifewave has data to back up any of the myriad claims they make in their marketing or multi-level sales promotional material. Some people will not mind paying $100+ if they get a placebo benefit from wearing a fancy bandaid but don’t call that medicine or science. Dr. Knoepfler is exactly right on that point.

    1. Joseph Plumeri

      The FDA is in bed with Big Pharma in the name of profits for shareholders Do you actually believe they want to support a natural product that can cure ailments or diseases, relieve pain, ect. ? No money in a cure. In the meantime, they have approved drugs that have killed thousands. Ask Viox. FDA law says ” Only drug cure a disease “. How pathetic is that ? Nothing natural can. Talk about suppression! Where’s the peer reviewed real scientific studies on Covid vaccines and how side effects, r the experimental drug that did not stop transmission of the virus ?

  32. I put on an x39 patch yesterday for the first time, I have to say that after 2 months of sciatic pain, (pretty severe) I have gone to an orthopedic a pain management dr, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractor care, out of work for 2 months, today I woke up with hardly any pain and I was able to walk for 4 hours with minimal discomfort. I have suffered a lot of pain this last 2 months and feeling this back to normal today is pretty amazing.
    Can this all be a coincidence? I don’t know.

      1. Russ Male (M) Allen

        I have used X39 patches for 2 years and have experienced consistent results in the alleviation of pain. I was skeptical of the product. Happy to discuss offline my findings. They deserve a thorough examination and clinical trials.

      2. Have you not look at all the double blind placebo effect studies? Come on. You don’t even know what GHK is!? Doctors around the world have been giving GHK injections. It’s a peptide.

      3. Could it be that the water everyone has to drink while wearing the patches is what is making some feel different? When I’m fully hydrated my skin looks better, headaches go away, I feel lighter, etc. Most of us don’t drink nearly as much as we should. So maybe that is what is actually helping some feel better?

    1. Megali, I’ve had the same experience as you!! It’s been two weeks that I haven’t been in terrible debilitating pain and haven’t had to take very many pain meds at all.

  33. I certainly think this is another example of products that litter our society that have no scientific basis in reality, but desperate people (and there are so many that I’ve seen on various maliday Facebook pages and forums) that somebody simply says, “It helped me” and sold. I don’t understand how unsubstantiated products have zero oversight and no wonder there are so many doing it. I even have doctors selling products that are homeopathic that are scientifically debunked as ineffective, but some vendor shows how the doctor can make a profit, and that register rings. Let’s face it, the Lifewave product is a Network Marketing thing, not unlike overpriced Amway products. The only thing I’e read years ago is the power of the placebo effect that has evidence of working on some. So mind over matter. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was more effort placed on that at no cost to the public. One doctor years ago said how well bio feedback helped him with some hand difficulty he was having.

    So why am I posting here? My neighbor has claimed for months (and she is 81 and very physically active as a Yoga instructor) how she has renewed activity and vitality and of course doesn’t care about the science. And I’ve been ill for 2 years, been scene at major medical facilities with a neuro muscular issue that doesn’t reveal itself in any of the tests. But shows up with reflex and muscle weakness and sensory issues that are recognized (by a Cleveland Clinic neurologist). Exertion causes burning deep down in various areas that stop me from doing very much, which is frustrating as a 67 year old. The only nebulus comment I got from the neuro at CC was, “You will get better.” Can I get that in a pill?

    So my neighbor brought 6 of the X39 patches over for me to try if I wanted to. Of course I am skeptical but I did put one on today. In a week, I will post an update if I noticed any benefit. (She has had other people she got to take it that have had claims of some improvement, and supposedly the amount of time it takes to work varies.) But I know how network marketing works, and of course the customers don’t want to admit it’s not working since the person who gets you to take it benefits from the relationship.

    1. First off, I’m really sorry to hear about the immense amount of pain you are in. That can make life challenging at times. Please post if you notice a difference. I am curious about your results.

    2. J Cranston, do you have an update on your experience? Did you wear the patches? If so, how long for how many days?

    3. Hi there. I can assure you there is no placebo effect. As someone who has had 2 hip replacements over the last 4 years, I can tell you that while I am very grateful for modern science and technology, the prosthetics do pull down on my SI joints heavily. That has created a lot of pain. I have been on the patches since 2/9/23 and all that pain has been HIGHLY mitigated or completely arrested. I was skeptical being a Bio/Chem major from Tulane since I did NOT want anything invasive / or was transdermal infusion taking place in my body. This is Photo Light Bio Modulation. Taking our body heat and light which attracts the GHK Cu Peptides. They in turn send a signal to the brain to reactivate your stem cells you were born with. David Schmidt the inventor based his 10 year research on a research scientist named Dr. Fritz Albert Popp.

      He provided the ground work and David Schmidt built upon it.

      A sleeve (30 day supply) of the patches X39 or X49 are approximately $100. This is inexpensive and allows the masses to be able to control their pain given that many people do not have health insurance or if they do, they have catastrophic health coverage with deductibles hovering around $10,000. My suggestion for all who may be skeptical is TRY IT. Order a sleeve and see for yourself. It is not the end all…be all but it a quantum leap advancement in technology which I fully expect will continue to happen given that we are now living in the year 2023.

      With 1000’s of incredible testimonies, celebrities who use it along with pro NBA athletes, if it did not work and provide some measurable relief, this technology would have folded in on itself a long time ago. I know my quality of life has taken a dramatic turn for the better since 2/9/23 when I started.

      1. Richard Plantan

        The company allows you on your first purchase to try the patches for 90 days with a money back guarantee. This means that your first purchase has to be for 3 months worth of product. Use it for 85 days and contact the company before 90 days and get a refund. You can’t beat that.

      2. Speaking of NBA players, this reminds me of 10 years ago when athletes and other prominent figures would wear a silicon bracelet with a hologram sticker supposedly “infused with energy”.

        Many famous NBA players claimed it improved their agility and balance. Their belief in pseudoscience misled so many people.

  34. I will get the x-39 in a couple of days. What got me was a You Tube video on how to increase the number of stem cells. Four suggestion were totally practical and convincing: diet, exercise, lower stress. The fifth was LifeWave. Could this be a ploy.? Going through some 30 You Tube videos was unconvincing. Many seemed like sellers and most had connections with LifeWave. Could this be mostly placebo? Lifewave could easily sponsor a double-blind study. At $5 a patch the profit must be in the stratosphere. We will see.

      1. would u please comment on the posts that have had postive result from the patches.. Any Explanations from you?

          1. How is it thousands of people
            Are having a placebo effect?
            A friend of mine had severe neuropathy, could
            Hardly walk or drive. Since being on the
            Patch he is now walking without pain, driving again and playing golf!
            This same person had some
            Other amazing things happen which I won’t go into on a public forum.

          2. Richard Plantan

            Anything of an alternative to toxic drugs that people say works for them is because of a placebo effect. Why not tell people to try the product and if it works continue If it doesn’t don’t buy it anymore.

          3. I just purchased the patches, spoke with my doctor and I just had a whole blood work up done, after I take the patch for 10 days I will be going back to retest and see if I have actual results and how I feel.

          4. Even if it was a placebo effect, it’s a terrific one! Score x39!!
            It’s many, many times better and far safer than modern medicine can provide with all its insidious side-effects.

      2. Hey Dr knoepfler, 🤔why not ‘try it’ yourself as a self study. No risk $ back…n report YOUR personal findings. Enter professionally skeptical but objective. Please, n let us know 🙂

      3. Paul I have a family member who “IS” a US navy seal, I asked him about the patches it took a month for him to get back to me due to his job :>…..He said and I quote, “Dave if something works we spread it as fast as we can thru the Teams for all out guys to benefit”. The only Vitamins he found repeatedly in use come from a company named :Thorne”, no record or even rumours of X39 anywhere. Sounds like a HUGE placebo effect.

      4. How much science went into “the vaccine” and yet people were mandated to get it or loose their job and ostracized from society….and who was paid big bucks of money for this deal? How many side effects have been reported from the vaccine? If the LifeWave x39 is a placebo, how are individual’s lab values becoming normal?
        How are horses and dogs going to know it’s a placebo? People can benefit from the patch and share it with others because they enjoy seeing their friends feel better, and they are not mandated to accept any monies from the company as a thank you for sharing. No one is forcing anyone to make money from this, it’s a side effect from helping others experience health, wellbeing, and wholeness. It’s an individual choice.

    1. Richard Plantan

      If you go to their website and click on science there will be numerous studies performed by numerous scientists that affirm that the x39 patch stimulates chk copper peptide which in turn is positive for stem cell production and rejuvenation

  35. I read your post and would like to say I was very skeptical as well… however I have experienced relief from agonizing neuropathy… LifeWave works for me… and that is evidence enough. No medication, treatment, therapy has been able to provide me relief for 12+ years, on day one with the Aeon patch, I could actually feel my feet, but not the hot burning pain. As you may know neuropathy contributes to slow healing of wounds on the legs and feet. Early Dec 2022 I had skin cancer removed, the wound would not heal… 5 days after my first patch my wound is completely healed.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I have read many testimonials of positive results like yours.

    2. Karen, would you mind sharing your story sometime in the near future with my brother?Actually 3 of my 5 brothers have neuropathy. I have started 2 of them on x39. If you are willing to do so, please reach me at Thank you!

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