Weekly reads: stem cell niche & AI stumble on health

What is a stem cell niche? It’s the home of stem cells.

stem cell niche, klauskaestner
The intestinal stem cell niche. “Confocal imaging of cleared whole small intestine showing expression of PDGFRα (green) and EPCAM (red). Experiments were repeated at least three times with similar results. Scale bars, 10 µm” Klaus Kaestner photo. Check out this older, cool paper from this team.

The stem cell niche is a fascinating environment. It has many constituents that impact stem cell behavior and even eventual stem cell transplant functions.

In today’s weekly reads, we’ll start with the niche as there have been several interesting papers on this topic.

The niche consists of other cells, growth factors, extracellular matrix, fluid, and even physical elements like oxygen tension and pressure. Together this home tells stem cells to stay stem cells. Alternatively, the niche can also play a role in differentiation with proper signaling, and depending on the spatial position of the stem cells. Of course, this blog is also named after the niche.

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The Stem Cell Niche

Other reads

MAGAZINE PUBLISHES SERIOUS ERRORS IN FIRST AI-GENERATED HEALTH ARTICLE, Neoscope. People have been concerned that AI like ChatGPT will be used to generate health-related material that has major problems. Could serious errors crop up? It’s starting to happen now like with the article in question on testosterone. We’re going to see this in the stem cell and regenerative medicine space too. It may have already been happening for a year or two in specific cases, but it’s going to get much worse.

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  1. Debbie Barnhart

    I have been using X39 patches and several of the other patches they sell, and I have seen no difference in the 4+ months I have used them—and I REALLY did want to have all of the miraculous claims they make. It’s a typical MLM company. They talk excessively about how much money you can make by selling their products, and people ARE making lots of money thanks to those of us buying them. I will not be purchasing any more patches once I run out. If the patches work for some people, great, but it surely didn’t happen for me.

  2. James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D.

    Dear Admin:

    Re: Errors in First AI-Generated Health Article

    Regurgitative AI programs like ChatGPT are going to restore the need for real expert consultants who saw their employment demise because of the emergence of search engines like Google making so much quality data keyboard-available. Now, these new AI programs are fabricating vast quantities of jumbled and garbled misinformation that can be debunked the fastest by real experts. After investigating for myself, it was hilarious to read the kind of rubbish that ChatGPT fabricated about my areas of biomedical expertise, while often apologizing for its own ignorance or likely ineptness (Always being right about that!). The OpenAI developers introduced ChatGPT well before it was close to being ready for prime time. I hope companies that are investing billions in ChatGPT are doing so to mothball it, and not spread its toxic effects further, so that we can get back to the much more easily negotiated and managed misinformation of non-generative search engines.

    James @ Asymmetrex®

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