Weekly reads: reprogramming hearing loss, heart disease, eye drops, sickle cell

It’s mostly been a week of good and encouraging news in the regenerative medicine space including with gene therapies maybe with the exception of some eye drops warning (more below).

There’s realistic hope for an approved sickle cell disease soon. I also see some long-term positive news on hearing loss research. Hematopoietic stem cell transplant follow-up care may have gotten less onerous for some patients too. There’s a cool new porcine model paper on a combo cell and gene therapy for certain kinds of heart problems too.

Regener-Eyes, eye drops
The FDA has warned about amniotic eye drops and sent an untitled letter to Regener-Eyes and another firm. Web marketing image.

Before we jump into the specific weekly reads, please check out my new video on our stem cell YouTube channel pushing back on stem cells and cord cells for autism. This includes the new development from Duke stopping their EAP on cord cells for autism. If you like our YouTube channel please subscribe.

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