The Niche 2023 stem cell picture contest: $100 or swag

Once every year or two here on The Niche I run contests for best pictures or videos. Today’s new contest is for the best stem cell research pictures. Most often what people send in as entries are microscopy images, but you can use your imagination.

Today is a fitting day to launch the contest as it is international stem cell day.

Check out some of our past science contests.

Our last picture contest winner was Amy Engevick for her gut stem cell image, which you can see below.

amy the niche stem cell picture contest
The micrograph depicts stem cells in white (which reside at the base of the villi (the crypt) in the intestine), the apical brush border in teal/light blue, nuclei in yellow/gold and immune cells in purple. The image is my personal, original work. Amy Engevick, PhD
Assistant Professor
Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology

In 2019 we also had a stem cell image contest and Shiri Gur-Cohen won that with the beautiful image below on her epidermal stem cell research.

sheri gur cohen, The Niche, epidermal stem cells
“Regenerated hair follicles, fueled by hair follicle stem cells in the mouse skin. The image was taken using a deep 3D imaging of whole mount cleared back-skin tissue, stained P-cadherin (Red), Sox9 (Green) and DAPI. Taken using a spinning disk confocal microscope, and processed using Imaris.” Image Shiri Gur-Cohen.

Early 2023 The Niche contest

To be eligible to enter the new contest, you have to follow some rules and do a few things.

First, if you haven’t already, go subscribe to our Stem Cell Channel on YouTube. Check it out anyway as you might enjoy the videos.

Second, send me your best stem cell microscopy pics at knoepflerATucdavisDOTedu. If they are big files we might have to go the shared folder route.

The pictures have to be your original work. If the picture includes a person, you have to have that person’s permission.

By submitting images you also agree to them potentially being posted here on The Niche.

If you work in a lab (student, postdoc, tech, etc.) you need your PI’s permission if the image relates to the lab’s work, whether biotech or academia.

Submit no more than 3 entries per person.

The deadline is midnight Pacific Time in the US on Wednesday October 25, two weeks from today.

The Prizes!

The first prize is $100 and the second prize is a bundle of free stem cell swag including a stem cell t-shirt (designed by me, Paul Knoepfler) along with signed copies of my three books.

Good luck!

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