August 6, 2020

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3 min read

Time for some science humor. For past attempts at humor on this blog see here. Today, I’m asking: if science was more like sports such as football, soccer, basketball, etc., what penalties and fouls would us scientists get? Here is a humorous look at the things we mess up in small or mondo ways as we do our science, and how we would be penalized in a humor alternate universe. In some cases, I also have included my own reactions and indicated whether I’m …Read More

1 min read

A grant walks into a bar and says… Is there a method to your mixology? Do I have to give you a timeline of my drinking plans? Funding has been 86’d I’m doing field research studying alcohol dehydrogenase and could use your help… I’d like to order 250K. Your bouncer isn’t going to triage me, right? Know any good reviewer pickup lines? You take the fun out of funding! What do you mean “most proposals are going to be ‘on the rocks’”? When will happy …Read More

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Sometimes a situation is so bad or stressful that it just calls out for some comic relief. STAP seems to be one of those. Below are various silly attempts at STAP humor to hopefully release some of that stress. Some doodling of hypothetical Dr. Bob and Dr. Sue trying to replicate STAP in a lab and being super stressed with a surprising consequence… Other names for STAP stem cells? Some said we should call them “SWAP cells” because of the image mixups. Instead of …Read More

6 min read

Why are some scientists so inept socially and end up in struggles interacting with other people? Kindergarten! Yes, my theory is that many of the key events are traceable to kindergarten and more specifically to what future scientists failed to learn then even if they technically passed the class and moved on to first grade. In a short book called “All I Need to know I learned in Kindergarten“, author Robert Fulghum explained how most of life’s important lessons were actually taught to all …Read More