January 18, 2021

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TGIF! Some attempts at humor to release STAP cell stress

Sometimes a situation is so bad or stressful that it just calls out for some comic relief and the STAP cell mess seems to be one of those.

Below are various silly attempts at STAP humor to hopefully release some of that stress. (By the way you might enjoy this 2020 piece on whatever happened to Obokata).

STAP cell cartoon 2014
My STAP cell cartoon.

Some doodling of hypothetical Dr. Bob and Dr. Sue trying to replicate STAP in a lab and being super stressed with a surprising consequence…
Other names for STAP stem cells?

Some said we should call them “SWAP cells” because of the image mixups.

Instead of “Oh snap!”, maybe the new expression is going to be “Oh STAP!”

Jim Woodgett

Jim Woodgett called the situation a “STAP in the back” on Twitter (see above).

Alan Boltz

Alan Boltz came up for a new meaning for the STAP acronym on Twitter above.

I’ve heard other new definitions for STAP:

  • Stressful Time After Paper
  • Stress-Triggering, Aggravating Publications
  • Stop Talking About these Papers

Please leave over alternative, funny definitions for the STAP acronym in the comments.

It’s ironic that STAP as an acronym can really stand for “Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel”.

An entire parody article was posted on another blog entitled “Stem cells created by dipping researchers in coffee”. It’s kinda humorous in a geeky way.

I’ve also seen STAP compared to the process by which mild-mannered Peter Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk (which is appropriately enough also green) when he’s stressed out.

Other attempts at STAP humor to help deal with the stress?

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