January 23, 2021

The Niche

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4 min read

The notion of caloric restriction (CR) as a means to prolong human life is intriguing. The basic idea of CR is that if you eat a lot less than the average person you’ll live longer. You might even live a higher quality, healthier life. But is this true? (update: see my newer post on 5 possible natural stem cell boosts). A whole bunch of scientists and even more dieting monkeys have been part of a very large, very expensive (as in millions of dollars; …Read More

5 min read

Regenerative medicine is very exciting. But what’s even better than regenerative medicine? Preventative medicine. If one can prevent a problem for occurring in the first place, it is far better than trying to treat it after the fact. Of course in many cases we do not know the causes of diseases so it is difficult to prevent them. However, many diseases are likely caused by problems with stem cells. Therefore, stem cell research, including the work being done funded by CIRM, is likely to …Read More