October 19, 2020

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My message to dubious stem cell clinics and facilitators: now would be a very good time to shutdown

Over the past year the FDA and FBI have stepped up their actions related to sellers of dubious stem cell treatments.

Most recently we have seen arrests of “Drs.” Morales and Stowe as well as others.

Mr. Stowe, who is not a medical doctor, remains a fugitive of the FBI.

Has the FBI now effectively fully taken care of business and taken action against all of those trying to make money off of non-FDA approved stem cell treatments?

If only. There are many more out there.

In fact there are a lot of dubious clinics out there right here in the U.S. as well as facilitators who are collecting money for hooking up patients with treatment centers. Outside the U.S. such clinics number in the hundreds at least.

Many patients considering stem cell treatments read this blog and I have many times asked them to use extreme care when considering such a treatment. And for that I have at times been personally attacked on the Internet.

FYI, you can read my Patients Guide to Stem Cell Treatments here and also my Top 10 List of Facts For Patients Considering Stem Cell Treatments.

Also, many of the stem cell clinics and their associates read this blog and are not happy with me for my posts. My message to them at this point?

Now would be a very good time for you to shutdown your operations to avoid prosecution and potential federal prison time. The FBI is probably on your trail already. Even though you can’t erase your past “sins”, if you close up shop now you may avoid arrest.

Time’s a wastin.

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