January 16, 2021

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Obama disappoints, flatlines on NIH 2013 budget

flatlineThe biomedical research community is very disappointed in President Obama’s proposed 2013 budget for NIH in which it is proposed to keep the NIH budget the same as the previous year at $30.7 billion.

This proposal shows a weak commitment to biomedical sciences and exhibits little foresight. 

I believe that NIH is a American jewel and is a net money maker for the country. 

By taking this action with no increase in the NIH budget at the starting point, Obama almost guarantees that the NIH budget will be cut in the end as this is negotiated with Republicans.

Even if there is no cut, there is in reality a cut because (A) a flat budget fails to keep up with the predicted 3.5% in biomedical inflation, and (B) the NIH budget was cut in the previous year.

By flatlining the NIH budget, scientists are wondering if there are Whitehouse staffers in power who are flatlining in terms of their brain activity.

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