January 16, 2021

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Refuting the WSJ’s propaganda piece on Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

Does the Planned Parenthood icon at left send chills down your spine, because according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and most Republican Leaders, it should scare you greatly.

An opinion piece today in the WSJ provides an extreme perspective on the debacle in which the Komen Foundation last week dropped support for Planned Parenthood, only to then reverse course abruptly after realizing the future of their organization was in doubt after the massive PR misstep.

The piece in the WSJ is specious and makes many statements of fact that are in reality simply the authors’ own extreme opinions. Basically this article is propaganda, which of course opinion pieces often are.

The authors of this WSJ piece are Robert P. George and O. Carter Snead.

Wait, those names sound familiar, don’t they?

George and Snead are in fact familiar names because these guys are part of that old boy’s club that has been the subject of much discussion on this blog.

Yes, they are members of that right-wing fraternal organization, The Witherspoon Council.

I have posted about this group and their efforts to influence the stem cell debate here (them being friends of the plaintiffs suing to stop ES cell research), here (their secrets), here (a measured critique of their stem cell report), and finally here (a word cloud that provides insight into their massive tome on embryonic stem cells).

Back to their WSJ editorial.

The problems with this piece start with the title “Planned Parenthood’s Hostages”, which reflects the central thesis of the article.

These Witherspoon fellows have a fantastical view that Planned Parenthood is some kind of mob-esque sinister organization that take hostages and has the sole purpose of promoting abortions to make big money.

Part of the weakness of this Witherspoon article is that the authors are in fact ignorant about Planned Parenthood.

They demonize it.

But because they know so little about what Planned Parenthood really does and they are unaware of the perspectives of women around the country about Planned Parenthood, their article rings very false. Again, the word “propaganda” comes to mind.

Like the Witherspoon Council (14/15 members are men) as a whole, George and Snead have a holier than thou, patronizing attitude toward these issues and women in general.

The manner in which George and Snead portray Komen as a helpless victim is so totally wrongheaded that it reads like a parody. To the contrary, Komen is in fact a super powerful, if misguided giant that absent their last massive PR mistake, has been pretty savvy.

The greatest irony of George and Snead’s piece is that the fairy tale villain-like way they portray Planned Parenthood as a monster makes me think these guys are scared of it!

Planned Parenthood is some beast that haunts their dreams and makes them tremble? It’s as bad, they might think, as communism?

The reality is that a very large fraction of American women, including in “Red States”, will at some point in their lives turn to Planned Parenthood for help and often times there is no where else to turn.

Planned Parenthood is not some monster like the Big Bad Wolf in Red Riding Hood, but rather it is an organization that helps women.

George and Snead, The Witherspoon Council, and the WSJ are so out of touch with women that they can’t see that reality.


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