How baldness can prevent kids cancer?


It seems like a lot of my blogs have the word “baldness” in them, huh?

The latest post today is on the apparent inverse correlation between baldness and pediatric cancer, not using stem cells to try to treat baldness.

You might be scratching your head (bald or not) at this point.

The connection is explained by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation (St. B).

Every year St. B raises money for kids with cancer and a core fundraising event is shaving heads.baldness to help kids with cancer?

So-called “Shavees” get pledges from people and make good on their promise to shave their heads in solidarity with kids who have cancer, many of whom face baldness due to their radiation or chemo treatments.

We held a St. B shaving event last night here in Sacramento which was a blast and I ended up a shavee.

Here’s my St. B. page where you can check out my chrome dome and if so inclined make a donation to help kids with cancer through research. St. B. is an awesome foundation!

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