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LinkedInLinkedIn is a professional social networking website.

Most of you probably know it and are probably members. I have liked LinkedIn, but was so disappointed to find out that they regularly engage in censorship.


Yep, read on.

Many people find it a very valuable resource for networking, but it also is supposed to serve as a platform for discussions on specific topics.

For example, in the stem cell field, there is a Stem Cell Group of which I am a member on LinkedIn that regularly hosts a number of discussions. It has more than 4,000 members and I always thought it was pretty cool.

Recently, Chris Centeno of Regenerative Sciences, Inc. started a very interesting discussion called “Academic Discussion of Stem Cell Use“. You have to be a LinkedIn and Stem Cell Group Member I believe to view it. I applaud Chris for starting this discussion.

This discussion has been extremely active and a number of different viewpoints  and ideas have been discussed. However, severely hampering this discussion in my opinion is how it is being moderated through the use of censorship and outright complete banning of specific stem cell scientists from the discussion. I happen to know that the individuals who have had their comments censored or been outright banned by moderator Jim Hardy are reasonable individuals who engage in constructive dialogue. Thus, I find these actions astonishing and they serve an anti-science purpose.

Jim, please stop impeding the dialogue.

Readers, if you are opposed to scientific censorship, let your voice be heard by contacting Jim.

3 thoughts on “LinkedIn Censorship”

  1. Have you tried contacting LinkedIn customer support department? Are there any “official” guidelines for Managers and/or Owners regarding deleting comments? I would have assumed that their main role as discussion moderators would be to delete messages with offensive/aggressive content, spam, advertisements, etc. But maybe that’s just an assumption on my part. If this continues, perhaps it’s just not a good group to use on LinkedIn.

  2. Please feel free to call and discuss personally. My cell phone number is (301) 305-2716, drop me a message on LinkedIn, my blog, by email or come chat at BioBeers in Maryland, if you are so inclined.

    1. No thanks Jim, left your group. I must say, anyone that has Grand Pooh-Bah of Beer as a plus on his LinkedIn, censors many good scientists while allowing the latest snake oil guy from 60 min. to run wild speaks volumes.

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