January 17, 2021

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Media is a hot mess over stem cell cosmetics & sports medicine

The Mainstream Media has cranked up its hyping of stem cell cosmetics and sports medicine just in the last week or so. It’s really disturbing.

The message is unmistakable:

stem cell-based sports medicine and cosmetics are cutting edge new medicines that because they work for the stars will also work for ordinary people too. 

….Or to paraphrase the propaganda “through stem cells you can have a younger face, better skin, bigger boobs, recover faster from your sports injuries and continue your career, make more money, and just overall lead a happier, healthier, younger life.”

If only it were true.

Maybe someday certain aspects of this could be true, but we are not there yet and we need a lot more science to find the way forward.

This is all happening at the same time that new dubious stem cell clinics for sports medicine and cosmetics and other conditions are sprouting up like mushrooms.

Here are some of the prime examples of the media hyping of stem cells to ordinary Americans just in the past week:

Suzanne Somers on CNN touting her miracle stem cell surgery. (For helpful background see these pieces here and here on her case and the dangers of stem cell cosmetics).

Ex-model Debra Kerr Fitzpatrick discussing her stem cell face-lift and stem cell breast augmentation. She also appeared on Good Morning America.

Stem cell whole-body face-lift.

Very poorly written, dangerously misleading article on how stem cells saved Peyton Manning’s career and “can help you too”.

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