September 30, 2020

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Knoepfler Blog Stem Cell Person of the Year Award: perspectives today & announcement tomorrow

For years I’ve thought that there are many people in the stem cell field who do not get recognition despite doing amazing things. Often these heroes make great personal sacrifices to help others. They take risks. They spend their time and often their own money to make a difference.

As a result last year I came up with the idea of a Stem Cell Person of the Year Award to recognize such good guys and as many of you know I am now offering that award for 2012 including a $1000 prize. More than 4,500 votes were cast in an online vote for my 16 remarkable finalists out of about 30 original nominees. The vote is advisory to me in making the choice.

I am going to announce the choice tomorrow (Wednesday, January 9) afternoon.

It has been a challenge to pick from amongst this group of stem cell stars. Every one of them deserves an award really. I hope that this Award process has given them some positive attention for all the good work they do.

I will be handing out a Stem Cell Person of the Year 2013 award late this year and hope to announce it earlier than for 2012. I expect many of the nominees from this year will be top candidates for the 2013 award as I know them and they will keep up the good work whether they get an award or not.