Update on Stem Cell Person of the Year 2012

My blog’s Stem Cell Person of the Year 2012 yielded about 30 nominations and 16 finalists who were candidates in an online vote that is now complete. More than 4,600 votes were cast including about 1,000 in less than one day after the voting started.

The online vote is but one factor in my decision on who will be the Stem Cell Person of the Year.

The 16 finalists are an amazing group of people and every single one received a huge amount of support from others, which will also be a key factor in my decision. I received a flood of comments on the blog post and emails from folks telling me about their favorite candidate.  I also asked each of these 16 finalists who they’d support if not themselves, which was quite interesting. These people clearly have huge respect for each other.

I have a very tough decision, which I will announce sometime in the next several days. They are all wonderful. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without these stem cell good guys who all give of themselves to help others.

1 thought on “Update on Stem Cell Person of the Year 2012”

  1. It’s really great that there is such a deep field of people to choose from, Paul! It’s great to hear that they all have such respect for one another, too. Even though I have my own favourite nominee, I cannot imagine anyone being upset with any of the choices, given that they’ve all done such important work for and within the field.

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