January 25, 2021

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Dr. Steven Victor of Intellicell Comments on its Stem Cell Treatments

Dr. Steven Victor, CEO of Intellicell, seems to have made two comments on a recent blog post I did on stem cell sports medicine (see below). Victor and Intellicell received a warning letter from the FDA in March 2012 with the FDA. I’m not aware of Intellicell publicly addressing the FDA issues. If you have, Intellicell, please let me know.Steven Victor

I have emailed Dr. Victor about the current state of affairs at Intellicell and I’ll let you know if he responds.

I found the comments from Victor interesting since they provide a window into how Intellicell is treating patients with stem cell-related products such as Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF). While SVF typically is made using collagenase and other manipulations, Intellicell apparently makes theirs using “ultrasonic cavitation”, a process that may well be more than minimal manipulation as the FDA wrote in the warning letter:

Specifically, your processing alters the relevant characteristics of the adipose tissue relating to the tissue’s utility for reconstruction, repair, or replacement. Therefore the processing would not meet the definition of minimal manipulation for structural tissue such as adipose tissue. As a result, the IntelliCell product does not meet the criterion in 21 CFR 1271.10(a)(1). 

Intellicell Comments

I would also take issue with the comment’s claim that the safety is 100%. There is no such thing.

In the past, Victor had been given the nickname “Dr. LookGood” for reportedly improving the looks of celebrities.

Intellicell stock

Intellicell stock is off almost 96% in the last 12 months and 70% in 2013 alone (see above).

Will the company survive or end up in bankruptcy?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial analyst and all financial decisions should be made with a certified planner or accountant. I do not own stock in this or any other stem cell-related company at this time.

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