January 21, 2021

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L’Oreal now claims baldness cure with stem cells

Patricia Pineau

L’Oreal/Lancome has been in the business of making money off of stem cells for quite some time now via so-called stem cell facial creams that are expensive and based on dubious claims, and now they are in the stem cells for baldness biz too.

Note I have a helpful 2nd post on how stem cells could really actually work to treatment baldness here. Check it out. Update: here’s a newer post from 2019 on stem cells for baldness.

The FDA slammed the business just about 6 months ago with a warning letter about stem cell product claims.

Now L’Oreal reportedly (according to the Telegraph) has a revolutionary stem cell treatment for baldness based on a product called, “Kérastase Densifique”, and it only costs £300.

I’m really disappointed that the word “stem” is not in the name.

“Stemifique” would have been a better name in my opinion. If you can think of any other appropriate or funny names for a stem cell-based baldness treatment please post in the comments.

Pilostem is an awesome one. How about Stemgain?

Anyhow, the Telegraph article by Andrew Hough on the alleged breakthrough makes some major claims:

Patricia Pineau (note from Paul: she’s pictured above on a screenshot I took from YouTube), the head of scientific affairs at L’Oréal, added: “We’ve known for 100 years that hair grows and falls out.

“We haven’t known what makes hair regenerate until now. It is all about hair stem cell environment. We have been able to develop a cosmetic product that respects the natural way hair regenerates.”

It’s nice to see stem cells finally getting the respect that they deserve, huh?

Wow. Yes, I’m joking.

Above Pineau discusses hair stem cells and L’Oreal’s view of stem cell treatments above on YouTube, focusing on their plant stem cell creams.

Stem cells for baldness? Kerastase Densifique
Stem cells for baldness? Kerastase Densifique.

The new stem cell baldness breakthrough from L’Oreal comes from real science kind of stuff! It is based on a new compound called “Stemoxydine”.

What the heck is that? Who knows. It seems to be not entirely new as there was another L’Oreal product NEOGENIC using that substance as well in 2012.

Apparently stemoxydine maybe mimics hypoxia….and that is helpful why?

The article goes on to quote “award winning hairdresser Luke Hersheson” about the “holy grail” product this way:

“This new treatment is set to help alleviate this problem. It has an instant densifying action on the hair fiber, boosting the number of hairs on our head and the quality of these new hairs directly at scalp level. It’s set to be the holy grail for a lot of women – and men.”

Is this for sale in the US?

Seems so one way or another.

It is listed on Amazon (not yet available) and elsewhere.

At haircare24.com it is $65.95 for 2 oz, which seems like a relative bargain, at least compared to other L’Oreal stem cell products.

I wonder what the FDA will think of this?

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