Some teasers from my new book, “Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide”

Knoepfler Stem Cell Insiders BookI’m excited about my new book that is coming out called, “Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide”.

It’s just about complete and fully edited so it should be available later this summer, hopefully relatively much sooner as an e-book.

You can pre-order it on Amazon or directly through the publisher here.

Note that the final price is $29 (not the price listed on the websites). I’m so happy that worked out to lower the price.

This book is unlike anything else written on stem cells. There are some innovative ideas put forth in the book including 5 areas in which I believe the FDA is really struggling and should improve on the stem cell front and a novel stem cell patient’s bill of rights.

It covers every key topic in the field in a frank manner.

It also goes into myths, paradoxes, secrets, and urban legends of the stem cell field in ways that are likely to shock some people. I think I’ll have some surprises in store even for the most jaded, long-time stem cell researcher as well as the broader audience out there interested in stem cells.

I tried to inject some humor into it so it’s fun and educational to read. It’s got a lot of fun pictures and illustrations too that you’ll enjoy.

I did not steer away from controversy and I included my own opinions so that should make it more interesting to read. I’m sure you’ll find things that you disagree with, but hopefully this will energize many conversations.

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