Dumbest stem cell headlines & stories of 2013

Reading these one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry they are so stupid.

Dumb and Dumber stem cell headlines.

Top researcher: iPS cells ‘probably’ already embryos”. This article was so wrong about so many things that it gives dumb a bad name.

‘Adventurous’ woman sought to carry Neanderthal baby”. Who needs the National Enquirer?

Dana White media scrum: Meniere’s disease cured by stem cell treatment in Germany“. Stem cells are like throwing disease against the cage?

Op-Ed: Stem cell derived anti-aging cream is on its way, and it works“. Really? Wow, I can’t believe it.

Bush’s belated victory: Pro-life groups celebrate ethical shift in stem cell research.” Uh, no. Bush does not deserve credit for iPS cells or the hope they bring. I think hESC opponents and their megaphone the Washington Times are still grasping for any “good” news since they lost Sherley v. Sebelius.

Peyton Manning: Poster child for stem cell treatment“. I’ve watched him play this season for the Broncos including a game yesterday. The guy is gifted and he healed on his own, not from some sketchy stem cell treatment in Europe.

The price of eternal youth? $60,000 and a few frozen stem cells.” Who knew that the fountain of youth was real and had a price tag on it?

The Philippines’ elite turn to stem cell therapy to fight aging.” Do ya think some balance was needed in this headline?

Janice Dickinson Talks Freak Accident, Used Stem Cell Treatment to Heal.” Dubious stem cells are the ticket.

What do you think was the worst stem cell headline of the year? The best?

and one very corny but cute and not dumb headline….

Stem cell treatment gives Edinburg dog new leash on life.” A lot of vets that I know think stem cells are really helping a lot of pets including dogs and sometimes giving them a new lease on life.

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